Steps to Help an Abandoned Pet Dog that You Found on The Street


Hello there, fellow dog lovers! How are you and your dog doing? We hope you guys will be healthy and happy always, every day, and more. Well, we have been talking about experiment of taming and adopting a stray, probably feral, dog. Well this experiment is surely handy if you want truly to be a dog saviour or simply just want another animal companion who will not cost so much fortune on you.

However, in the time we have been talking about a stray dog or shelter dog, we mentioned about a banished dog, yup those poor sods who have been banished by their owner, which bring us to today’s article that will give you some information about Steps to Help an Abandoned Pet Dog that You Found on The Street. This information would also act as a guide for you if you found an abandoned or even just a lost dog. So, check it out!


Why They Got Abandoned or Lost?

You might wonder, why these dogs got abandoned or even lost on the street? Well, there are few reasons why they have such unfortunate event. However, no matter what the reasons they got abandoned or lost, it is still an honourable act to save them or at least to shelter them until the owner come. Also, you might need to be aware that you either adopt her forever, or simply shelter her for a while until the owner come; so, you need to prepare your house for a dog visitor and buy some foods for her.

  • The Owner Banishment

Owner Banishment is a common reason why you found an abandoned dog on the street. Spotting an abandoned dog is easy though, as we already know that a street-born dog usually just a domestic dog, but if you see a special breed wandering around on the street without her owner near her then you can conclude that this dog is an abandoned dog.

Owners who banished their dog have their own reason of course. The reasons probably still humane but some of the reasons just simply cruel. For example, an owner who banished their dog because economical reason; with this reason owner has failed to provide for his/her family thus cutting out their expenses by banishing their dog, however it still cruel though as why banish them when you can give her or sell her on the pet store? Seems more humane compared to banishment on the street. Another, reasons would be simply the owner does not love her anymore, the owner just simply because of certain events, lost her/his love for the dog, thus blaming the dog and banishing them. Alas, not every dog has their own fortune.

  • Lost Dog

Lost dog is like a child who lost their parents because of certain reasons, like a child who wandering around at a mall and lost sight of her parents; dog could suffer such unfortunate even too. When you are a kid you know what it feels like to lost your parents at the mall, it felt sad and scary losing our parents in the crowd and didn’t know how to find them; same goes with a lost dog, they are sad and scared as they don’t know how to find their owner especially if she feels that she lost her owner’s scent, things will get scarier than before.

Dog who lost their owner probably lost them because chasing some mail man, or squirrel, or something as long as it sounds silly, yes some of the reasons happened because of something silly.

What Should We Do?

In order to help an abandoned dog, you must able to understand that this indeed will requires some great passion and will cost your time and effort. So, check it out!

First thing you must do in order to help an abandoned dog is to feed them. Yes, she might starve as living in the street is indeed quite difficult especially in the street of Indonesia and starvation is inevitable. You can simply give her couple of bread slice or give her some dog food. Be wary though, she might get scared when you try to approach them, so just take a few steps back thus put the food on the ground on her sight and watch her grab the food from the distance.

After a few sessions of feeding, she will begin to trust you and will not fear you anymore. She will ready to grab the food straight from your palm, even if you are lucky, she will try to do hand-feeding on you. If this happens, then you can try to pet her head and tell her “it’s okay, I am here to help you.”

Finally, you can bring her home and take care of her from there. However, as we told you before that the ending of this situation would be either you adopt her forever, or you will just simply shelter her until her owner come. So, if you believe she is just an abandoned dog who suffered a banishment then you must adopt her forever. If you are sure that this dog is just simply a lost dog who lost her owner, then you can check her dog tag to see if there’s any information on the owner, if she’s not wearing any then you can simply put some pamphlet or poster or internet to see if anyone has lost her dog recently.

Yup, that is all fellow dog lovers! That is all about steps to help an abandoned pet dog that you found on the street. It might be not easy, but as a dog lover it would be worth the effort though. However, don’t push yourself if you think you can not help her properly; just simple feed her every time you pass her if you are incapable to help her. Good luck!

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