How to Train Puppies to Stop Fighting Each Other in The House

Hello there fellow dog lovers! How are you and your dog doing? We hope you guys will always be healthy and happy everyday and more. Speaking of dog, today we’ll talk about their children, yup puppies. A cute adorable puppies that will cheer up your day everyday with their small tiny happy barking every time they see you home. It is indeed that having a puppies is something a dog lovers could not missed. If you don’t have any, you could try by buying one in nearest pet shop or simply buy a companion for your dog right know.

Speaking of puppies, just like children and kitten, they still have this childish issue when it comes into particular situation such as feeding, playing, and even sleeping. This particular situation , especially if you have more than one puppy, usually ended up in a fight between your one pup into another pup. Yup, puppies fight, it is cute actually, but if you let them fight they might get hurt and there is a great possibility of getting infected from that fight; for your information a fight between a puppies always have this biting, scratching, etc, and biting usually ended up with infection. Well, we don’t want our cute adorable puppies to get such trouble right? We all prefer them to play and live together in harmony with no conflict to each other, which is why today animmalova would like to give you a solution on How to Train Puppies to Stop Fighting Each Other in The House. So check it out!.

For Your Information

Uniquely, puppies fight is not something we need to be scared about, just like cat, puppies need to play fight in order to establish a hierarchy between the pack and to train them up so they could defend theirselves from another dog’s threat. Well, if the fighting become more intense and rough, then it is the time for you to stop the fighting before it gets worse.

If They have a Mom

If these puppies still have a mother, then you are indeed lucky. Yup, the best way to teach children is to let their mother to take care of them right? Same goes with puppies, you could simply let them feed with their mom, let them socialize to each other, and then in the meantime they will get along eventually. Don’t worry the mom is there, she will establish a discipline order for her children if they misbehave. Also, don’t interrupt let the mom do her work as we all knoe that, well mom you are the best!.

If They Don’t have a Mom

This situation will be tough as no one will capable enough to teach you, but don’t worry you are here, in truth for them you are just like a mom for them. So, brace yourself as you will do a mom job of behaving her children. Don’t worry, it would not be easy but it is indeed will be fun.

First thing you must do is to assure them get the same amount of feeding portion. Don’t let them feed together in one bowl because you know there are domination among them. There are the superios puppies who tend to feed first and mostly feeding all of the food for herself, and there are inferior puppies who patiently wait for leftover; this situation it is indeed will create a fight eventually. In order to prevent that, you must provide feeding bowl for each puppies so they will be able to feed together without taking turns.

Secondly, you must be fair when it comes to play or giving treat for them. Puppies will notice if you are giving to much attention to one of them. This situation will create jealousy among the puppies, thus emerging a fight between them. So, try to play catch with them fairly, walk them out together; don’t left a puppy behind, and give them a fair amount of treats. However, puppies sometime will do anything to get more treats by trying to get more attention from you, don’t worry this is normal as this situation will create a competition between puppies, but if the competition gets rough it is time for you to end the fight, pet them, and tell them you love them all.

Next, if they start showing the signs of a tense rough fight such as growling, staring, their tail become stay still, then it is the sign that your puppies will have an intense fight between them. If such thing occurs, then you must try to approach them slowly, try to stop the fight by giving them treats, and if they start stopping their growling then pet them again and tell them as brothers and sisters, it is not good for them to keep fighting each other, you guys should protect each other, and live in a harmony.

In the end, you must try to let them grow which means that you must let them solve their own issue. Just simply ignore them for a while and monitor them, if they become aggressive again you can divert their attention by calling out their names, clapping, or whistleblowing, then give them  treats and a piece of advice. Repeat this until they realize that they can live in a harmony.

However, don’t be disheartened if they are still fighting, they are children after all. Children love to start a small fight are they not? Just remember to keep looking out for them, and when they start fighting again just repeat the attention diversion again. Do this regularly as one diversion will not be enough.

That is all fellow dog lovers! Well puppies fight is inevitable. A fight among them is a natural order for dogs, no one could prevent it from happening. All you can do is simply stop the fight before it gets more rough and intense. Eventually, they will get along again. So, don’t give up and good luck!.