6 Essential Nutrients Guinea Pigs Need to Stay Healthy

Guinea pigs are truly herbivores. They develop food preferences in the early stages of their lives and do not have any changes in food types. Sudden changes in their diet may result in refusal to eat. The most important aspect in their diet is vitamin C. Apart from that, they just need unlimited amount of […]

7 Reasons Why Cat Refuses to Eat Dry Food – Should be Known by the Cat Owners

There are various kinds of food for cats. Broadly speaking there are two types of cat food, namely dry food and wet food. For some people, they don’t know the difference between dry food and wet food. But, you can also make a homemade cat food for your cat. However, did you know that some […]

5 tips to make holiday safer for your pets

Holiday time is what many people wait for and always love to enjoy it. It is both enjoyable family time and a time where everything should be perfect and enjoyable for every family member. In order to have a perfect holiday time, there are many things should be considered so your holiday will goes on […]

Can Chincilla Eat All Kinds of Food?

Hello our dear readers and viewers, welcome to our humble animal website that always strive to bring any interesting animal care guide and always updating animal facts. If you want to find out more about animals, then you have come to the right place. Our animal care website provides our reader with the most interesting […]

How To Care About Dog Seizure

Dear fellow animal lovers! Dogs are known as human’s best friend, and who dare to argue that? They are loyal and easy to train. If you ever know the story of Hachiko that waited for his owner over nine years following his death, you surely understand what we mean. You know, sometimes human just don’t […]