How To Properly Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

Human usually brushes their teeth for their health. Dogs are too, they need to clean his teeth to his health. However, how to properly clean your dog teeth? There are several home remedies that can clean your dog’s teeth properly. With these ways, your dog’s smell will better than do nothing (not do cleansing teeth). […]

How To Properly Take Care Of Newborn Baby Hamster

Congratulations, your newborn baby hamster has already born. However, how to properly take care of newborn baby hamster? Do not being a worry, below these are several tips on how to properly take care of newborn baby hamster at home. You should check this one. 1. Set everything they needed How to properly take care […]

8 Ways To Bath Hamster Properly (must know!)

Are the hamsters really need to bath? What are the reasons the hamster need to bath? Yes, hamsters need to bath, for some conditions, we need to bath hamster properly. How the ways to bath your hamster properly? Let’s check these out the 8 ways to bath hamster properly (must know) 1. Your lovely hamster […]