How To Properly Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

Human usually brushes their teeth for their health. Dogs are too, they need to clean his teeth to his health. However, how to properly clean your dog teeth? There are several home remedies that can clean your dog’s teeth properly. With these ways, your dog’s smell will better than do nothing (not do cleansing teeth). […]

How to Take Care Your First Cockatiel Healthy

The cockatiel is a lovable, intelligent bird which you must want to add into your family member. However, before deciding to pet this happy, social small-crested members of the parrot family, you should know the guides on how to take care your first cockatiel healthy. Here are some guides to help you learn what your […]

How To Properly Take Care Of Newborn Baby Hamster

Congratulations, your newborn baby hamster has already born. However, how to properly take care of newborn baby hamster? Do not being a worry, below these are several tips on how to properly take care of newborn baby hamster at home. You should check this one. 1. Set everything they needed How to properly take care […]

8 Effective Strategies To Cheer Up Your Sad Dog

Dog is a cheerful and friendly animal, and this is why people love dog. It can be a great companion, even become your family’s guardian angel. Dog is also an active pet, which needs to explore and know its neighborhood. This way, dog won’t feel anxious or afraid when it wanders around the area. Also, […]

7 Ways To Understand Your Dog’s Wishes

Dog loves yummy treats. It loves nice chewing toys. Even more, dog loves spending time to play and goof around. There are so many things that dog wants to have and to do. The hurdle, since dog doesn’t speak human’s language, it’s hard for them to convey their wishes. Sometimes, we as the owner don’t […]

How To Tell That Your Dog Is Truly Sad

Dog is one of people’s favorite pet, since it has the ability to sense people’s feelings and gives a good response to it. For those dog lovers, they will mostly cuddle with their dog whenever they feel sad or angry over something. But did you know that dog also have feelings and they can also […]

How To Make Homemade Chew Toys For Your Hamster

Hamsters love to have fun, a lot. They like to play around over cage even they love to bites something whiles they bored.  So to make your hamster happy as always,   how to make homemade chew toys for your hamster?  Below these are the easy steps how to make homemade chew toys for your hamster.  […]

How to Have Fun Playing with Your Hamster Outdoors

When you had hamster, it will be your new hobby to watching them playing and running around in their cage. If you had an active hamster then it would be even more fun to watch them play in their cage. But as much as they’re having fun in their cage, every once in a while, […]

How To Take Care Of Hamster At Home For Beginners

This pet is so cute, funny and adorable always. Hamster is an animal that has many varieties of colors and they have a short tale. This pet is usually picked by people because this pet is very tiny and it is easy to take care.  Hamster is a nocturnal animal, it means they are more […]