3 Unique facts about Red Deer when Giving Birth

Giving birth is the process that every female creatures on earth would experience. For pets, you need to how to help them even if you alone at home. The afterward affect was also experienced by some pets animals – most of the time it’s associated with animals’ changed behaviors and each individual is different. What […]

4 Unique Facts about Rusty-spotted Cat in Asia

There are many unique and wondrous cat breeds on earth, such as Siberian and Tabby cat, Siamese cat, Abysinnian cat and Bengal cat which are classified as exotic animals, then we have Angora, English Shorthair, and many others that I can’t name. Variety cat’s breeds was a heaven for all cat’s lovers around the world. […]

Crested Gecko And 8 Facts You May Never Heard

One of the most popular gecko pets is crested geckos. They have amazing personalities so keeping them as a pet would not be that hard no matter if you are a beginner or an advance reptile keeper. Although they are popular with their own spotlight, there are still a lot of facts about them that […]

Facts and Fake of Virus Expansion in Animals’ Body

Virus is a small foreign object, infectious agent that would replicate itself inside the living cells of the host (organism). This object is a dreadful scourge for all the living creature on earth, from human, animal, plant – even archaea and bacteria couldn’t escape from the aggression. Although we are living in the modern era […]

8 Benefits of Raising Goat Farm Business

Ever thought about having a farm? Precisely, raising goat farm for business? As we all know, almost every part of goats is usable for humans. Their milk is tasty and healthy, their meat is delicious, their fur is warm and soft, even their feces could be used as manure. Not a fan of those products? […]

Interesting Facts of Finches as Popular Pet Bird

Talk about bird, have you ever think why people like and keep it at home? Some people said it may because of the tweet. Yeah, it is true. Some birdsong has beautiful tweet which can make your day or just calm your mood, you can hear their tweet loud in the morning, or also you […]

5 Facts of Cockatiel as the Most Favorite Pet Bird

If you are wondering what pet to take care of, cockatiel might be perfect for you. Cockatiel becomes the second most favorite pet in the USA because this bird is considered as a great companion that will please you without any reasons. Moreover, with their beauty, sweet temper, and charming personality, cockatiels melt anyone’s heart […]

Interesting Facts Of The Hamster That You Should Know

Hamsters have lots of interesting facts that you should know. What are the interesting facts of the hamster that you should know? Please read these following carefully. There are 10 interesting facts about the hamster that you should know that so adorable. 1. Hamster’s body The body of hamster is small. But not all of […]