Sendai Virus; How Can Be Infected to Hamsters?

Hamster might not be a popular pet as dogs, not much cuter as a house pets like cats and you of course can’t train them to do trick. However, hamster is still one of the cheaper choice of pets, and easier pet to take care of compared to such a bigger pets like cats, dogs and tortoises. Hamster is also way cheaper than dogs or cats, and they also don’t long like a tortoise, meaning they are cheaper in long term and easier to take care of in general. Hamster, as well as ground tortoise and chinchilla is a pet that comes from a family of rodentia a family that are cousins of rats. Some of rodents might not be enticing as pet, not cuter and definitely not pet material, however hamster is absolutely lovely pet material and it is also one of the recommended pet to take care of for a beginner pet owner. If you are unsure of which pets you should choose, didn’t have much time or money to take care of pet such as cats or tortoise, didn’t want to bother training dogs, and basically want a small pet that are easy to take care of and cheap too, then hamster might be your best pet of choice then.

Hamster might be easier to take care of, cheaper and doesn’t need to be trained in order for them to behave properly and safely. However, hamster will still needs a care from their master, and of course attention from you. Hamster is easy pet to take care of, however you shouldn’t take it easy as there are some hamster care rules, and guidance in order for you to take care of your hamster properly. Make sure to know each guidelines and recommendation when taking care of hamster properly to make sure you always give proper care and make sure your hamster will always happy and healthy in your care.

So today, we are going to give you a proper hamster guidelines and tips that can be useful for hamster owner. One of the thing you should know and aware of when taking care of a hamster is that hamster can sometimes be afflicted by diseases and complication. One of the complication your hamster might suffer is Sendai virus. What is Sendai virus? How it can be afflicted to hamster and how dangerous it is? For those who doesn’t know, Sendai virus is a type of virus similar with influenza virus, however much different and can be dangerously hard to get rid of once it infect a certain organism. Hamster is also prone to Sendai virus, so if you want to be a better hamster owner, then you should be aware of this virus type. Today, we are going to discuss about Sendai Virus; How Can Be Infected to Hamsters? How dangerous it is for hamster and everything you need to know about Sendai virus.

Sendai virus on hamster, guidelines and everything you need to know about it

  • What is exactly a Sendai virus disease?

Just like we mention earlier, Sendai virus is a type of virus similar with Influenza virus, or to be exactly precise, it is a parainfluenza virus that could infect any organism on their respiratory system. This virus will attack on the organism respiratory system such as lungs, and then create an infection that could lead to respiratory system inflammation. Hamster are sometimes considered as the carrier of this virus, however some hamster they don’t suffer or sometimes don’t show any sign of illness on hamster, while the other suffer from this virus and suffering from pneumonia like disease and even death in some case. So, there are at least a contagion and then sole carrier of virus. Treating this virus can be costly and impractical, and even more expensive than buying a new hamster. That’s why there are also many vets that refuse to treat this virus disease on hamster once it reach out a severe stage. To prevent it to reach a severe stage, make sure to know more about this disease here.

  • Symptoms of this disease

Some hamster might show a symptoms of Sendai virus infection that are quite similar with symptoms when human is having an influenza such as fever, sudden depression, changes in behaviour, depression, difficulty in breathing for hamster, some liquid oozing from nasal, nasal discharge and in some rare case a sudden death of hamster. These symptoms are easy to distinguished however, you need to take a quick response once you see these symptoms appearing on your hamster.

  • Causes

The cause is obviously a Sendai virus, a parainfluenza type virus that have similar structure with influenza virus. This virus is spread from hamster to other hamster via air, which means that this virus is transmitted through sneezing or coughing from hamster to another hamster. Some hamster, even when they are exposed by this virus, doesn’t show any sign of illness and perfectly healthy, but some unfortunate hamster will suffer greatly from this virus with pneumonia like disease. This is mostly caused by the strength or weakness in hamster immune system, since there are hamster with weak immune system, while other might have stronger immune system that let them repel the Sendai virus.

  • Best course of action

Best medicine is prevention. To prevent this disease, you can do it by make sure your hamster is quarantined from any possible carrier. Make sure to always keep the hamster cage is healthy, so there will be no and very little virus in the air. Give them healthy nutrition as it can boost your hamster immunity system, vitamins might be needed if you want extra protection. However, if you notice your hamster might suffer from this virus, you might want to take it to your vets quickly. Although if it is already a severe case, your vets won’t be able to help you, and the cost for its medication is just too expensive, even more expensive than buying a new hamster.

Generally, that’s all you will need to know about Sendai Virus; How Can Be Infected to Hamsters? And all about it. This virus is quite deadly for some hamster, but actually quite preventable. Remember, prevention is the best medicine.