6 Ways to Prevent Hamsters From Contracting Salmonellosis

Do you have a pet hamster at your home? As a hamster owner, we all want to keep our little furry friend healthy all the time, right? We will try to provide them with fresh food, pellets, even some additional supplement just to keep them away from getting sick. Besides many types of illnesses in […]

3 Things that You Should Know to Care the Teddyhamster

Well hello our dear readers, viewers and our fellow animal lovers, welcome to our animal care website dedicated to help every animal lovers and their household pets all around the world. From all time popular pets like cats and dogs, to more exotic pet such as snake and lizard, or profitable animal to take care […]

What Makes Syrian Hamster Become the Most Special Hamster?

Every hamster has their own special thing. This special thing can also come from their characteristic. As we can see, people love hamster not only because they are cute and small. Some characteristic like how they move, what’s they love, or how their treatment also some things consideration why people choose a hamster become popular. […]

6 Things That You Should pay attention in Hamster Life

Who is in here hate hamster? Well, guess no one hate hamster. This cutie animal which has small body easily catch people heart with their charming. People who choose hamster as their pet animal usually have limited space and fast life style. People who loves simple treatment animal pet mostly choose hamster as their option. […]