What Makes Syrian Hamster Become the Most Special Hamster?

Every hamster has their own special thing. This special thing can also come from their characteristic. As we can see, people love hamster not only because they are cute and small. Some characteristic like how they move, what’s they love, or how their treatment also some things consideration why people choose a hamster become popular.

Talk about popularity on hamster, people usually love hamster who have simple treatment. Even basically all hamster has simple treatment, all their characteristic affects their treatment method. For example, Roborovski who loves moving fast. You need to avoiding Roborovski from kids because their fast movement may make your kids hard to catch them up.

So how about Syrian hamster? Is it better from Roborovski? Well, there is no one hamster that better each other. It is back to your preferable and suitable. There are people who love active hamster, but also there is people who love calm hamster. Technically, Syrian hamster included to calm hamster. It is not calm that really calm but their moving isn’t as fast as Roborovski.

To make you know about what’s make Syrian hamster become special, here is the point.

  • Low moving

Syrian hamster included to giant hamster. Their body tends bigger than another hamster type. They can reach 5-7 inches height and 120-125 grams weight. Because of their giant size, it limits their move. If we comparing with Rodorovski, Syrian hamster lagging far behind. Sometimes, hamster should take off of their cage. It uses for reduce their stress level so they can move everywhere. But still, don’t forget to keep watch them all. Syrian hamster doesn’t need extra watching because of their limited movement. You can only limit their space and let them explore.

  • Kids friendly

Because of their giant size, it pretty limits movement of Syrian hamster. Syrian hamster has passive movement so it easier to hold them up. For kids who usually still loves to touch something cute, Syrian hamster is great idea. Also, their bigger size also makes them suit to holding so everyone who hold them doesn’t need to feel worry to make them fall.

  • Much colour

Beside their giant size, Syrian hamster has much variant colour. There is orange, dark chocolate, white, and many more. Once again, Syrian hamster prove that they can be special not because of their characteristic but also their appearance. For kids who usually loves something colourful, can be hold, and live, Syrian hamster once again a great idea.

  • Long hair

From any hamster type, Syrian hamster is the one and only long hair hamster. It is special thing but also a boomerang. For you who don’t take any attention to their food, some foods will make hair fall. Also, dirty environment can also cause hair fall case. It is become special thing because it will make you feel fluffy when you hold the hamster. So, you better pay attention to their healthy life.

  • Loner

Syrian hamster is a loner. They are can’t living with two or more hamsters at the same cage. They will fight and hurt each other. This character is so profitable for you who want to pet one hamster only. People who wants pet a hamster only usually has limited budget to pet animal. So, by this character, did you still want to reject Syrian hamster?

Everything has their own speciality, so does Syrian hamster and both positive and negative thing will available one something, so does Syrian hamster. All depend your preferable and your necessary. Actually, Syrian hamster can also raise for farm. Syrian hamster has high temperament about territory. So be aware if you have two different type hamsters.

For food, Syrian hamster doesn’t have special treatment. It is relatively same with other hamster type which is eating for grain, vegetable, and etc. For habit, even has lower moving, Syrian hamster still loves to playing and moving around. They still to explore the space in front of them.

Whatever your goal to pet something, the most important thing you should do is treat them well, interact with them, and loves them so much. Be responsible when they sick and need you. Interaction is the time when they need you but sick moment means that they need you the most.