3 Things that You Should Know to Care the Teddyhamster

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All right for today, we are going to discuss about hamster. Hamster is a rodent animals which means they are related with mouse. However they are pretty different from regular house mouse, as they have different characteristics and behaviour. One distinct features of hamster that made them one of the most loved and sought after pet is their cuteness and their big fluffy cheek. Hamster is also a popular pets because they are generally small animals which means they don’t take up a lot of space and generally easier to take care of unlike bigger pets such as cats or dogs. If you are still beginner pet owner and want to take care an easy pets then hamster might be a good choice for you.

One of the species of hamster is Teddyhamster or Syrian Golden hamster. This hamster is rather unique and different from other hamster because of their big rotund body with unique orange and golden colour. This hamster generally easy to find and cheap to buy in local pet store, however you could also find this hamster for sale in online shop. Teddyhamster is one of the hamster that is suitable for beginner to take care of. If you are looking to start getting a hamster for your house, then this hamster is suitable for you. Before getting your hamster, it is wise to know more about this hamster. There are many things that are important to know before getting a teddyhamster for your pet. Here are 3 Things that You Should Know to Care the Teddyhamster before getting a real one for yourself.

Guidance on how to take care of Teddyhamster at home

Before knowing on how to take care of Teddyhamster, and things you should know when taking care of teddyhamster, then you will need to know first about what is Teddyhamster. Teddyhamster or Syrian hamster originated from Syria and Southern part of Turkey. This hamster native to the arid lands of Syria and in natural habitat they feeds on seeds and crops like wheat. Wild teddyhamster is becoming quite rare since human hunt them down and destroying their habitats, hence wild Syrian hamster becoming vulnerable species. However, an extensive captive breeding program is in progress and now Syrian hamster isn’t vulnerable anymore. This hamster now is pretty common and you can find it in lot of pet shop. If you are choosing this hamster as your pet, then you might want to know these tips. Here are few directions and things you should know before buying Teddyhamster.

  • The shape and size of Teddyhamster

Adult teddyhamster could reach for at least 13 to 18 cm long. Males are generally bigger and teddyhamster also popular for its rotund body. They can grow quite big compared with other hamster species. Teddyhamster also had hamster unique feature and that is an expandable cheek pouch. If you aren’t familiar with this hamster unique feature, then let us tell you about it. Hamster have a cheek pouch in which they can store their foods from seeds to fruits and they can store for quite a lot of foods. When they are storing foods in their cheek pouch, their cheek will expanding and bloating. You can see when they are expanding as their cheek will literally looks like a balloon. Don’t ever try to poke it though as you can get bitten by them if you disturb them. Other than that, teddyhamster have golden orange fur that made some people call them as golden hamster. Captive teddyhamster could live for about 3 to 4 years but a healthy one could at least reach until 5 years.

  • The behaviour of Teddyhamster

This is where things get pretty serious for hamster. Hamster is very active creature and you can see them roaming around searching for things and playing with themselves or other. Some hamster is nocturnal which means they will only roam around and playing when nightfall and going to sleep on daylight. Since they are active animals, you will need to provide them with playing things such as hamster ball and hamster running wheels. Some hamster toys might be needed if you are planning on taking care of teddyhamster at home otherwise your hamster might get bored and stressed.

Hamster is also social animals, however if you bought two males together they might contest with each other to find the alpha male and competing for female. They can compete with each other and even harm each other and even sometime harm the female hamster. So the best way to avoid this is to make sure you only have small pack of hamster with only one at least male hamster.

Hamster is also well known for its cannibalism. Female hamster can sometime eat their babies when they are frightened, stressed or feeling threatened. Female hamster also sometime eats defect babies but will leave a healthy one. If you don’t want a female hamster to eat their babies, you need to separate them.

  • Their diets

Hamster generally eats seeds and plants. They can sometime eat fresh fruits and vegetables and rarely for female hamster to eat their defect babies. If you are planning to take care of teddyhamsater, then make sure to know their diets to provide them with proper foods and drinks every day.

Now that’s it 3 Things that You Should Know to Care the Teddyhamster. If you found out more info and facts about teddyhamster, let us know in the comment section so we can add it here for our future article.