Brilliant Tips on How to Take Care of Horse’s Coat

To ensure a healthy horse coat and improve your horse’s health, you need to be aware and pay attention to everything related to your horse’s health. One of the indicators of horses’ health is their coat. Brittle and dry coats, lack of shedding, and dull colors are signs that your horse is not feeling their […]

How can Rhino Horn will be Created by Horse Hair?

Rhinos are on the list of threatened species among other wild animals species on earth. The extinction occurred due the loss of habitat; as we know nature and animal are inseparable. Therefore, many movements had been done to save animals before they extinct, included in rhinos’ cases. Where you could see rhinos? Well, the easier […]

5 Useful Tips to Make Sure You Ride a Horse Properly

Farm animals has a very different habitual compare to the wild animals in the wildlife. Most of them was used to supplied human needs for food stocks and other material for industry such as wool for fashion industry. Important thing you should know before farming is the purpose of the farm. Some peoples only focus […]

5 New Horse Species from Horse Breeding Progress

I know some of you perhaps was the big fan of horses – whose not, by the way. Horse is one of the most epic and beautiful animal that exist on earth. Don’t you see their hair and their athletic bodies? I personally love horses, even though I haven’t a chance to ride it yet, […]