How can Rhino Horn will be Created by Horse Hair?

Rhinos are on the list of threatened species among other wild animals species on earth. The extinction occurred due the loss of habitat; as we know nature and animal are inseparable. Therefore, many movements had been done to save animals before they extinct, included in rhinos’ cases. Where you could see rhinos? Well, the easier place to see rhinos are in the closest zoos around you. But, if you’re asking the real habitat of rhinos, well, you could see this exotic animal species in popular animal city such South Africa.

There are varieties of rhinos that still exist to these days, such as Javanese rhino, Black rhino, white rhino, Sumatran rhino, and the last is greater one-horned rhino. Wait, there’s only five rhinos species that survive? Yes, my dear friends; there’s only five species left of rhinos on earth planet on this particular days. Thanks to all those magnificent people who enjoyed hunt rhino for its horn! Yes, illegal massacred was one of most the oldest problems on rhinos dead for its particular body part: the horn.

Did you know people, in this entire world, the demand of rhino’ horn was pretty high? Not to mention the absolute amount of money people would get as barter of the horn was way too attractive to ignore. So, what should we do? Do those people need to kill all rhinos out there in order to fulfill this ridiculous demand? Of course not! Apparently, a new method has been discovered to replace the real horn with imitate horn. Yes, the scientists already made a discovery of creating fake rhino horn with the horse hair.

A horn from hair? Is that impossible, folks? Yes, the truth is always weird than a fiction, apparently. How can rhino horn will be created by horse hair? All the information would be explain in this today’ article, my dear friends!

Save the Species with Fake Horn

A shocking discovery has been made by scientists: they successfully made a fake rhino horn from horsehair. This fake horn created to reduce the demand of materials that flood the market. If you curious, this brilliant scientists was come from University of Oxford, UK. The materials to make this fake rhino horn was horsehair as the main materials, plus another materials of regenerated silk. How to make it? Apparently, those scientists glue together the horsehair and generated silk to create the shape of authentic horn of rhinos’ collagenous properties.

Many people believed that rhinos’ horn could cure health problems such as cancer to hangover because apparently this particular animal often pouched their own horns. From the database of rhino conservation organization, rhino has been through persistent habitat loss which effected to decline rhino’ population all over the world. Not to mention, last year about 892 rhinos had been killed in Africa due illegal markets.

Based on the database of WWF (World Wide Fund of Nature), the estimate number of rhinos all over the world is: less than 68 of Javanese Rhinos, less than 80 of Sumatran Rhinos, the black rhinos estimate numbers are 5,000, 20,000 white rhinos, and 3,500 greater one-horn rhinos. Through this data we could see that both Sumatran and Javanese rhinos are in critically endangered situation.

Although rhinos’ international trade market has been banned around 1977 by CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), apparently, it doesn’t help much if the domesticated laws of each country that applied was different. Therefore, these scientists apparently able to fabricate the samples of rhinos and literally felt like it was a real horn. They hope this discovery able to flood in the market and confuse customers then diminishing the demand of real rhinos’ horn from the market.

Before the making process of the horn, a complete research was done to analyze the possibility of the idea, and reviled that this fake horsehair has similar properties and composition of natural horn of rhinos that on natural horn it would tightly pack tuft of hair on rhinos’ noses. But, the disadvantage side of this fake horn is that given the traffickers excuse of carrying the real horn because they thought they were carrying the fake ones. I know this is so much tricky, but what we can do? Human can do literally anything to get what they want.

This is the end of article: how can rhino horn will be created by horse hair? I hope you, my dear friends enjoyed it!