5 Steps To Do When Taming an Iguana

All kind of animal that we bought or catch from outside must be wild. But did you know that the things that called wild are their defense effort? All creature instinct will automatically fight while they are on threated situation. The fight thing that will be appeared on each animal is different. Some uses claw, […]

11 Amazing Facts of Iguana You Should Know

Trend to pet something changed during the time. Even it depends for preferable thing, in the fact some animals winning some trend to pet at home. We can said like fish and bird which mostly pet being pet. These animals are popularly being pet animal beside cat and dog. But trend is always changing? Who […]

9 Advantages of Keeping Iguana as Pet

There are always challenges to pet unusual pet like reptile animals. People who not prefer with reptile may be has some questions for people who love this unusual kind of animal, such like ‘are they don’t scare with it? Are they bites the owner mostly? Are they didn’t feel disgusting when see the face?’ All […]

5 Disadvantage of Keeping Iguana As Pet

If we talk between advantage and disadvantage, it will be walk side by side. There is always two thing that opposite each other, positive and negative, good and bad, and black and white. But all those things didn’t mean that we need to avoid it. All we can do is still be careful and minimalize […]

2 Steps To Take Care Of Iguana Eggs

Pet an iguana will be thing that still rare in our society. Not every people love reptile to being pet at home. But some people try something new which is uniquely different from mostly people. If you are beginner who pet an iguana for the first time, you may feel confuse how to take care […]

How To Take Care of Iguana As Pet At Home

Put reptile being a pet is not a great choice for most people. So does iguana. Many people who still underestimate this pet to being as pet because they are feel there is no point special that can feel from iguana beside their scary skin. Iguana itself is a reptile animal. Their scientific name is […]