Beware of these 16 Common Causes of Sudden Death in Puppies

Sudden death in puppies is a really serious condition. This condition is also known as fading puppy syndrome. It is simply a term describing puppies that are apparently normal after birth, but gradually fade and die within the first period of two weeks of life. There are a number of different conditions causing sudden death […]

How to Train Puppies to Stop Fighting Each Other in The House

Hello there fellow dog lovers! How are you and your dog doing? We hope you guys will always be healthy and happy everyday and more. Speaking of dog, today we’ll talk about their children, yup puppies. A cute adorable puppies that will cheer up your day everyday with their small tiny happy barking every time […]

Best Natural Treatments for Puppies Constipation

*Barks Hello there fellow dog lovers!. How are you and your dog doing?. Well, animallova will always wished you guys will be healthy and happy always, everyday, and more. As we all do know that dog is not just a pet, it is also a friend, a life-long companion who will always be your best, […]

Right Steps to Make Your Puppy Stop Biting

Having 4 legs might get you run so fast than a world fastest runner, but you will not able to grab on things with your leg. That is just what happen with dogs and puppies, their legs were built for running. To replace hands function, dogs and puppies use their mouth to grab onto things, […]

Benefits of Getting A Puppy With An Older Dog

If you have an old dog who is beginning to slow down, you may think of a way to make him energized again by giving him younger companion. You think that he will become more active with a younger dog beside him. Before you execute the idea to get a younger companion for your senior […]