Best Natural Treatments for Puppies Constipation


Hello there fellow dog lovers!. How are you and your dog doing?. Well, animallova will always wished you guys will be healthy and happy always, everyday, and more. As we all do know that dog is not just a pet, it is also a friend, a life-long companion who will always be your best, lovely, and fluffy friend, even some people considered that dog is more trustworthy than some people. Regardless, dog is indeed the best pet that God has created a best animal that served as our loyal life-long companion.

One of the majestic creation of dog is puppies, yes a cute tiny little barking puppies. You could have a Puppies or if you are indeed a dog lover, you will decided to have puppies. Yes, having puppies in your house is surely a seal to assure your house and yourday will be lively and full of joy everyday. Well, what could possibly go wrong by having puppies in your house right?.

Not only puppies are adorable, but also raising a puppies will have it’s own personal satisfaction for you the owner and for the puppies. Writer assure that you guys will have a strong bond between owner and a pet. Raising your puppies and one day you will realize how time flies so fast, and you noticed that your puppies has grow up as a brave still adorable dog. Then, when the time is come for your long-life friend to pass away, you will understand how special to raise a Puppies.

Well, sometimes raising a Puppies or puppies is not easy, you know there will be problems indeed. As one day your Puppies will have a health issue such as constipation. Yeah, puppies has greater chance to suffer a digestive problems as their immunity is not strong enough to fight down the diseases. One friend of writer has been asking lately, “My Puppies couldn’t poop smoothly, I think she was suffering during the pooping, what should i do.?” Clearly, it is indeed constipation has invaded that poor Puppies digestive system. So today, animallova would like to give you the Best Natural Treatments for Puppies Constipation. So check it out!.

The Causes

As always, before treating the disease we need to understand what caused them in the first place; so we could come up with prevention plan to prevent such disease to ever harm our puppies again. Generally, there are 5 causes why your puppies suffered from a constipation :

  • Blocked Anal Sacks
    • Yup something is blocking your puppies’ anal pipe. Well it is the most common reasons why your Puppies got a constipation in the first place.
  • Dehydration
    • Water is like an oil that could help your puppies to poop smoothly. Imagine a car without oil, what will happen? . No wonder dehydration could cause a constipation to your beloved Puppies.
  • Ingested Dirt, Grass, Debris, Hair
    • Well puppies is just an animal, even though she is our best friend. So, don’t be mad when she eat something that was meant to be eaten; she’s just a puppies afterall. Eating dirt, grass, debris, her own hair, surely are not easy to be digested, even it could block your Puppies’ anal pipe.
  • Inssuficient Exercise
  • Insufficient Fiber
    • Just like water but really needed for smooth pooping.


For your information, constipation is the exact opposite of diarrhea, so your dog will have struggles while pooping. The poop will be hard to defecate.

Next, we are going to identify wheter your dog has suffered a constipation or not. It is quite simple really, you just need to answer these questions :

  • Have your puppies been pooping for the last two days?
    • If the answer is no, then she might have a constipation.
  • Did you seen your puppies pooping smoothly with no straining, straining, or whimpering?
    • If the answer is yes, then she might have a constipation
  • Did you seen the poop? Was it only a 100 percent pure poop or there are another things such as grass, string, hair ball, matted poop?.
    • If the answer is yes, then she is indeed have a constipation.

If you thing your puppies has qualified to be infected with constipation then you must continue reading.

The Natural Treatments

The natural treatments will help your puppies not only to heal but to heal properly without any chemical interfereces. This surely will help your puppy to be chemical-free as a chemical-free puppies will have a longer life-time. So read carefully and check it out!.

  • Fiber
    • Fiber will be the juice to take the digestive system of your puppies to poop smoothly again. Thus, make sure that your puppies has enough fiber in their food, so your cute adorable puppy will not have to suffer from constipation anymore.
    • You could add oats, brown rice, or vegetables. Don’t worry about your puppies will get reluctant to eat them, you could always mashed up the foods with her favorite foods right?.
  • More Execrcise
    • Time to sacrifice your time for your tiny friends. Take them for a walk for at least 5 to 30 minutes a day. The walking will help your dog to have a healthy digestive system.
  • Have Enough Drink
    • Don’t let your puppies to be thirsty. Make sure that her drink box to be filled up everytime. Also, put the drink box in an easy-to-access spot so your puppies will have no troubles for reaching it.

Well that is all fellow dog lovers!. Constipation is indeed annoying disease for our puppies. It is like keeping a junk in your bedroom; unhealthy. So from now on, you guys already know what constipation is, what causing it, and how to treat is naturally. However, remember prevention is better than treatment. So good luck!.

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