3 Slithering Differences of Snake Islands in Brazil and Indonesia

Many places on earth declared as the forbidden places by the official bodies to visit due the safety issues for the visitor; one of the most terrifying place of the list is the Snake Islands. Personally, I’m not a fan of this animal and I got goosebumps whenever I got closed to this animal. One is okay though, but what about hundreds thousands of snakes at the same time in one place? Nope, simply no – thank you so much I appreciate it. However, what can I say, apparently some people – a lot of people adore this wild animal. Moreover, some people even think that snake is the prefect pet for them – who am I to judge tough?

If, you are one of those peoples, go ahead for sure. Even tough I am afraid of this animal, I have to admit that snake is one of the most beautiful animal on earth. They were created in different variation of colors combination which is simply breathtaking. Furthermore, snakes inhabits in the certain places of the wildlife. Ordinarily, they lived among swamps, forests, and thick bushes. There are two variants of snakes, first one is regular snakes (non-venomous snakes) and the second one is venomous snakes.

Some of snakes species which categorized as non-venomous are: pythons, hognose snakes, rat snake, garter snake, kingsnakes, boa, and etc; some of snakes species which recognized as venomous snakes are: rattle snake, king cobra, gaboon viper, red-bellied black snake, copperhead, mamushi, cottonmouth, and etc. Furthermore, on earth they are two places which given named as Snake Islands – first one was in Brazil and the second one was in Indonesia. So, today we would discuss 3 slithering differences of Snake Islands in Brazil and Indonesia which make these places genuinely different.

Snake Islands

Ilha da Queimada Grande, Brazil

Ilha da Queimada Grande (Snake Island) had been declared as the most dangerous place for human on earth. This island placed in the Atlantic Ocean off the cost of Brazil. Brazil’s Snake Island is a small place with all the the different terrain formed as the fortress; the temperate climates, bare rocks, and greens trinkets. From venomous snakes and non-venomous gather in unite in the island. The question is how come all these snakes dominate the island in the first place? The researchers has theory that all these snakes was trapped on the island during raised of the sea levels which unfortunately covered up the connected bridge land to the mainland.

Resulted the adaptation and adjustment for survival in the new environment, the propagation of populations was rapidly increased which clarified that the island is dangerous for human presence. Ilha da Queimada Grande reportedly become a home of the venomous snake called Bothrops Insularis or the golden lancehead pit viper, which included as critically endangered species of snake. The island administered by Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation in the State of São Paulo.

Snake Island, Indonesia

Located in Pai village of North coast, east Sumbawa, Indonesia, there is an island called Pulau Ular (Indonesian) which is translated as Snake Island. The island was covered by rock (almost every part of the land), and surrounded by beautiful scenery of beach. People wouldn’t notice if the island was fulled of snakes because of perfect camouflage of the nature which simply outstanding. However, Indonesia is thick of the traditional belief, which have been hold by native inhabitants for along time period (generation to generation) that the snake must not remove from the island.

People believed people whom taken it away (the snake) wouldn’t find the way out of the island, the bad luck and disaster would come unto the surrounding communities around the island. Simply demand for the island and the people is respect the nature and living things you’ve met in the island. Just like Ilha da Qeuimada Grande, this island inhibits with the range of snake from venomous to non-venomous snakes.

Differences Between the Two Islands

Here are 3 slithering differences of Snake Islands in Brazil and Indonesia:

1. The Visitors

Ilha da Qeuimada Grande: This island was totally closed for public visitation and protected by the government. The only visitors which allow visiting and enter the island are selected researchers and Brazilian Navy, and Brazilian federal conservation unit. That’s right, you need to be a scientist or the member of other organizations which I mentioned before to enter this island, and even you already are a scientist, there are still complicated requirements to fulfill to get the entrance permission by Chico Mendes institute for Biodiversity Conservation.

All these requirements is needed to guarantee the your own safety, because you need to know inside Ilha da Quemada Grande is dominated by snakes. Approximately, one snake would inhibit one meter of square in the island. The official estimate snakes population in the island is about 430,000 snakes, but as the time passed the number keep lowering year by year. This phenomenon happened due the imbalance of the food resources and the inhabitants.

Snake Island: in the other hand, Indonesia’s Snake Island was opened for public, even more have been notice as one of exotic attraction for local or tourist visitors. The island was safe enough for people to visit. Some people even captured the moment with some snakes as the souvenirs. So, if you snake lovers, you could try visit the island – plus, you could enjoy the amazing and mesmerizing scenery of the mother nature!

2. The Island’s Sizes

Ilha da Queimada Grande: was sized approximate about 33 hectares or around 82 acres. Even though considered as a small island, it is still a large island to explore – it also protected by Brazilian Navy.

Snake Island: was a very small rock island, which the measure of the island is less than one hectare (500 m²). It’s still unclear, do this island protected by military or not, because apparently this island could be visit by anyone.

3. The Islands Locations

Ilha da Queimada Grande: was located in the middle of Atlantic Ocean with nothing as the bridge to another land. This island simply isolated to other island. The only ways to reach the island are by boat or ship and air transportation, such helicopter. Moreover, no one – humankind – lived surround the island. So, it’s a very dangerous place.

Snake Island: the distance between the island and the mainland of Sumbawa Island approximately only 400-500 meters. In other words, this island is easily reached by anyone (ordinarily would use a boat), which also very easy to ask some help in case there’s something happen to the visitor.