16 Effective Ways To Keep Stray Cats Out Of Your House

Cat is a common animal that can be found anywhere. But some people don’t like when the stray cat just get inside or be around their house. This is because the cat usually just love to stay and ask for food to the stranger, and this is definitely a thing that not all people love. […]

12 Ways To Keep Stray Cats Out Of Your Beloved Garden

A lot of people have a garden in their house. This is considered as a hobby, and garden is a good thing to keep in your house’s yard. But, the common annoying thing for the garden is when a stray cat approach and play around your garden. There are indeed various situations when dealing with […]

6 Home Remedies to Treat Stray Cat’s Bite on Children

Children are curious in nature. They tend to approach anything they find along the road and often make contact with it. Most of the objects they are likely to play with are animals and insects. This curiosity, however, might end up being ‘bitten’ by a stray cat—your child may find a group of kitten lying […]