12 Ways To Keep Stray Cats Out Of Your Beloved Garden

A lot of people have a garden in their house. This is considered as a hobby, and garden is a good thing to keep in your house’s yard. But, the common annoying thing for the garden is when a stray cat approach and play around your garden. There are indeed various situations when dealing with naughty cats. You can use the method below and keep in mind that you have to be extra careful in doing it so things that are not desirable do not happen, especially facing wild cats or village cats. How to Tame A Feral Cat and Bring It Into Your Home is considerable to read if you want to pet a wild cat. You can read the article below about ways to keep stray cats out of your beloved garden.

1. Protect plant beds and flowers

Chances are the cat uses your plant or flower beds as a litter box. This can cause problems for your garden / garden, destroying any plants that may be in their infancy. Protecting flower beds and gardens / gardens will help repel cats and save your plants. You can install chicken wire in all parts of the garden / garden or only at the bottom adjacent to the ground. Add pine cones, mulch in the form of stone, or mulch cedar to make your garden / garden an uncomfortable place for cats. 4 Vitamins to Make Cat Hair Grow Faster and Healthier is a good reference if you want to know more about cat’s vitamin.

2. Spray water

Many people think that cats are water repellent. Indeed, for wild cats, they are more afraid of water than domestic cats, if domestic cats are often bathed even their cats want to play. Spraying water is also a way to get rid of cats that come home and will make the cat deterrent.

3. Draw a bottle to keep the cat away

Give 3 bottles in each place, why can cats be afraid? Yes, because this method gives a glass-like effect, so cats are afraid of other cats when going through the bottle. Even though what he saw was himself.

4. Don’t give food

In general, cats really like sniffing, especially if it smells of food around the house. Either you have cooked food that smells like meat, chicken, fish, shrimp, etc. Which is the fishy smell of food or even the leftover food waste in the trash can. You have to close all of your home’s access in a tight manner like a house door and a house window. And to be in a trash can close it tightly or you can also use a plastic bag and tie it tightly and tightly so that the smell of leftover food does not invite the cat’s appetite. 6 Benefit of Giving Vitamin E to Your Cat can help you to get more information about the vitamin E for cats.

5. Remove traces

What does this thing mean? Well, this is what many people often forget that when there is food that tempts a cat’s appetite like oil from the rest of the chicken frying or similar left on the dining table, floor, even in the house chair. Immediately clean with a clean cloth and if possible give spray fragrances so that the room does not feel the smell that invites cats to enter the house.

6. Installing an Anti-Cat Fence (Optional)

This is actually an optional thing. This thing is quite tight and high in the gap will prevent the cat from entering the house and the cat will deter because the fence is hard to jump.

7. Putting a Mineral Water Bottle

This method is also proven effective by giving a bottle of mineral water where the brand’s packaging is removed so that the bottle looks polluted then the bottle is given or filled with water until it is full, then put the bottle in the area or corners of the house that cats often pass. How to Give First Aid to Cat might be needed if you accidentally hurt the stray cat.

8. Attract the cat with food

In addition to food being an attraction to come to your home, you can also make food as a way to get rid of cats. The trick is easy, you just understand the cat access point to your roof. If you already understand the route, you can put food on the route. Well, when a cat is eating food that is fishing, you can immediately catch it with a sack. If you are afraid or amused by cats, you can ask your neighbors to catch them and then release those far from your house.

9. Close Access to Roof

It doesn’t close the possibility to a stray cat to get into your garden by climbing your roof. When the cat has dropped from the ceiling to its hiding, you can immediately close the roof of the house. Usually cats will take advantage of tile slits which are less sticky with the others so they can fit into the roof of the house. Make sure you check it so that the cat doesn’t return to the roof.

10. Turn on the Record of Cats or Dogs Sound

Some of which were discussed in a forum, the fake voice of the cat “meowing” and the imitation of the dog can also be a tip to lure the cat on the roof to come down to the sound if the cat’s voice is thought to be the theme. And it could be frightened for fear of fighting with the sounds of cats and dogs so that the ceiling cat immediately fled.

11. Throwing Stone into Tiles or Zinc (Optional)

Actually this method is optional well, it can be done and may not, because this method is a little dangerous both for home glass, and which tiles can be damaged by stone. But using stones can also repel cats on the roof because the noise on the tile or zinc makes a shock and fear of the cat on the roof of the house.

12. Keep trash tightly closed.

Often, street cats are attracted to your property (buildings / houses, property and infrastructure) to find food. Although not attractive to humans, any garbage or wreckage that cats can find might be an interesting food source. Note that the garbage can is always tightly closed to prevent the cat from using it as a food source. Make sure your garbage can cover is always securely attached. Make sure all trash is always put in a tightly closed garbage bin. 4 Ways to Do When An Adult is Bitten by A Stray Cat is a good reference in order to keep yourself away from the stray cats.
Remember that stray cats are a living creature too. So, you don’t need to be harsh on them. You can try the ways above to keep stray cats out of your beloved garden. You need to be patient on doing this, in order to get rid of this stray cat keep coming to your garden.