Is it possible to do feeding Dogs by Giving Vegetables? What to Know?

Keeping dog as pet at home was one of the most incredible experience. There’s so many things about dog that make people love this particular animal, they were perfect obedience pet and let’s talk about dog’ loyalty to their owners – there’s no pet animal that could ever compared to this lovely creature. Furthermore, although […]

Kinds of Vegetables that can be Eaten by Hamsters

Hamster’ health should be our first priority as their owners. We have to keep everything as it’s should be to make sure our hamsters would always fit and in a good condition, these are included maintain the cleanliness of hamster’ cage and all equipment inside hamster’ cage such as toys, bedding, food and water containers. […]

3 Best Veggies to Maintain Guinea Pig Nutrition

My friends, do you like guinea pig? These days, guinea pig was one of the most popular animal of rodent species. There are several of rodent species which already became favorite pet of many people such as hamsters, mice, gerbil, and even rat (well, for some people). Not only because their adorable appearances which is […]