The Differences Between Male and Female Iguana

God make us in the male and female to make it paired each other. Well stop to be more like poem because now we will talk about the differences between male and female not on human but in iguana.

Yeah, iguana. Iguana is a reptile which recently popular to keeping at home as pet. Even it sounds unusual to pet a reptile which some people said it scare, reptile lovers still love it. Many reason which make people this animal such like just love it or has an allergy. People which has feather allergy but still want to pet something mostly choose iguana. Beside their beautiful body, iguana is friendly people animal. It proves when they can sleep calmly beside their owners surely when they are already tame. To taming iguana, of course you need time and patient. You can start it with touch and talk over him. The more you talk over your iguana, the more he getting used with you by identifying your voice.

Some people may don’t know that iguana is herbivore, that’s why they easy to treat. Beside their scary face, iguana isn’t carnivore. They only can green vegetable, fruits, and grain so you don’t need to worry when they bite you because it doesn’t mean they really want to eat you. They do can bite but it’s only part of getting knows with you.


Back to the topic as mentioned at the tittle, what’s the difference between male and female iguana? Well as physically, there aren’t far differences between male and female iguana. They have same color and body size. But to identify their sexuality, still both of male and female has differences thing.

Basically to know the sexuality of iguana, we need to wait until iguana growth. That’s because the sexual sign will be appeared when they growth bigger or entering sexual maturity age. Even called as ‘age’ sexual maturity age isn’t depends by their old, but depend by their body growth.

The male iguana should waiting until he has 15 centimeters length and the female has 25 centimeters. Once again, it is all about the body growth, not how long they living in the world. So how is iguana can growth as that? Well, it’s depend your treatment. The well the treatment, the quicker they grow.

After they grow perfectly and their length fit the number as mentioned before, some symptoms will be appeared as the difference between male and female iguana. To know more about that, check something written below.

Basically the differences between male and female iguana can be observe by two things, physically and by their trait. To make it easier you better put 2 iguanas to compare it each other.


  • The height. The male iguana has bigger and heavier body than female. The female body tends to be more thin and longer.
  • The head. The male iguana has bigger head than female. Still talking head area, the male jaw is also bigger than female. Also, the male iguana has fat inside their head in neck area.
  • The spikes. The male spike is longer than female. It also stands up perfectly while he is in heat.
  • Femoral pores. The male femoral pores are more stands out than female. Femoral pores are some prone which usually available in the reptile skin. In iguana, this is placed in the leg. So be careful when you touch it moreover if your iguana didn’t tame yet.
  • Hemipenes lump. This hemipenes lumps placed in the iguana’s tail or cloaca area. The male iguana has this lump but the female hasn’t.


  • The male iguana will be natural incubator for their eggs. This is unusual for another animal which usually incubate is female.
  • The male iguana will nod their head commonly during marriage process.

That’s all about the differences between male and female iguana. It is true when you try to know their sex but make sure that your effort to know it didn’t hurt the iguana. Besides, if you put 2 iguanas to compare it each other but didn’t found the differences, they should be same kind.