How to tell if an iguana is male or female

Know the sexuality from our pet is matter for us, the pet owners. The sexuality also makes different treatment that we give to them. We need to more preparation if we have the female iguana because they have to breed and lay her eggs. But it doesn’t mean that if we pet a male iguana, we don’t need to prepare it well. Both of male and female, Iguana has their own special treat.

Even some people won’t to choose this animal to being keeping at home, another people who called them as reptile lovers still choose them as favorite animal. Iguana has some advantage to being at pet in our home. It’s such like long life span. Iguana can live for 20 years old. Some kind of iguana is known living for more 29 years old. Also, iguana has educational point which better than another animal. Iguana can be your well object science research and for make you easier to put your kids learn about animal like dinosaur, you can use iguana as media.

Besides the mostly reason why people pet an iguana is because their exotic color. The combination between green, black, orange, and yellow will catch your eyes well. In the fact, female iguana can produce 25-40 eggs per breeding and some of them has high-quality like has green light color and the lips looks like using lipstick. The male can be heat for 3-4 times per year and the female only heat for once.

Some people may said that iguana is fool animal, but in the fact iguana can also trained like dog or cat. The thing that can be trained to them is like toilet training.

Back to the topic how to tell if iguana is male or female, basically so easy. To know the differences sexuality of male and female iguana because you don’t need to see the sex. If you want to see it as detail and accurate, it will tell you is it the male or female iguana.

We can only observe it by the symptom which appear when they growth. That’s because their sex will be not appear until they entering age of sexual maturity. And the sexual maturity can’t measure by age but by body length.

Usually, the male iguana must be waiting to being 15 centimeters length from their growth and for female must be waiting for 25 centimeters. How long the time will takes until your iguana is length like that? Well the more you treat them well the faster your iguana is bigger.

Some symptoms will be appeared and easily tells you about their sexuality after they are growth fast. The symptom will appear physically so it make so easy to know the sex. Here we go:


  • The male is bigger and heavier than female.

The male iguana has bigger body than the female which more thin and longer. Both of them can also live bigger but still the male tends to be bigger. So make you easier you better place 2 iguanas so you can observe it accurately.

  • The male head is bigger than female.

Not only the body, the head of male also bigger than female. This point is still related with symmetrical body. The bigger and heavier one will have bigger head isn’t it?

  • The jaw.

To tell you about their sexuality, you can look over their jaw. The male jaw is bigger than the female. Once again it is about symmetrical body. When one has bigger body, their whole body is getting big.

  • The fat behind their head.

The sex of iguana can be easily observed by looking the fat behind their head. There is fat behind the head in male iguana. The female iguana didn’t has this fat so if you found iguana which has fat around his head like goiter, that’s must be male iguana.

  • Head.

When inside in heat period, the male iguana will nods their head commonly. It is also as effort to make the female interested.

  • The spike.

The spike which placed above iguana’s body also tells their sexual. The male iguana has longer spike than female. While they entering heat period, the spike will stand up perfectly to pull the attention of the female.

  • Femoral pores.

The femoral pores in the male iguana more stand out than the female. The femoral pores placed in the leg. You can touch it so you can know the texture. Be careful while you touch iguana moreover if they are still not tame.

  • Hemipenes lump.

Touch the hemipenes lump in their tail or the cloaca area. The female iguana didn’t have this lump but male iguana does.

That’s all about something that tells you about sexuality of iguana. It may hard for you but if you feel doesn’t find the sex even all steps above is correctly did, you can ask a help from anyone who more experience in this business.