The Myth of Dog Year You need to know

Dog is a lovely creature, loyal animal, and one of the most loyal friend of human as there are dubbed as man’s best friend. Dog is an amazing animals, when they are puppies they are very cute, they are smart animals that can be trained to do lot of tricks from simple one like sitting or fetch, to more complicated commands such as herding and keeping an eye out of your house. Dog have been loyal best friend of humankind since ancient times, and human also have learn to take care and respect their dogs very deeply.

Dogs are descendant from mighty wolves, and through the decades there have been selective breeding of dogs to create dogs breed from all kind of shape and size. That is why there are many kinds of dogs today, from little chihuahua, to the big good dog such as Alaskan malamute and Siberian husky. Many people loves different dogs from all shape and sizes, and dogs have been prized in many culture and nation throughout the world.

When revolving around dogs, there are also many myths about dog. Some myth are based on the facts like dog can be killed if they eat chocolate, or some myth are also not really reliable. One of the existing dog myth all around the world is about dog year. Some people believe that dog year is different than humans, and therefore dog view the time of this world different from human. Basically dogs perspective and concept of time is different, as their lifetime is way too different than human.

One myth stand out among them is that one dog year is equal to at least 7 human years. That means a 1 year old puppies equal to human kids in 7 years old. However, the truth is far more complicated, and the ratio is never been so clear. To clear up this myth and to avoid any misunderstandings, thus needed more research on this matter. Well, today we can give you a little information about dog myth, especially some of The Myth of Dog Year You need to know and basically need to understand it if you are going to have a dog.

All we should know about dog year compared to human year

Many people assume that dog year to human year ratio is at least 1 : 7 which means 1 dog year is equal to 7 human years. This is actually an incomplete truth and the exact science of how dog ages are somewhat hard to point out. Here are some myth and fact that are actually behind that myth if you look up at it closely.

  • Is it true that 1 dog year is equal to 7 human year?

According to research, the average dog’s lifespan is at least one to seven human lifespan, and probably this is why many people assume that one dog year is equal to seven human years. The truth is, actually it isn’t correct. Dog have different growth and lifespan from human. If you observe carefully, a puppies can grow into a young adult dogs in mere 2 years, were as human in 2 years is still considered as babies, which means a 2 years old dogs is at least equal to 15 to 24 human years old. However, after that dog actually have a slower rate of growth, and steadily becoming slower and slower to old until it reach its old age.

  • Is it true that smaller dog have longer lifespan?

Many people wonder about how long does each dog lifespan. According to research, smaller dogs are actually have a longer lifespan than their bigger cousins. Like for example a chihuahua or a corgis can actually live at least 15 to 17 years old, where as bigger dogs such as great mastiff and Danes could only reach 8 to 9 years old. Of course factors like environment and diets can actually affecting dog lifespan.

Overall, that’s all you need to know about The Myth of Dog Year You need to know if you found another myth need to be debunked, feel free to comment and share your opinion in our article.