Does Human have Ability to Recognize the Dog’ expression?

Animals are able to express their feeling throughout facial movements and gestures. All this is applied both on wild animals and domestic animals, included your pets. When you look around on YouTube, you might see many videos of how animals express particular emotion as the response of ongoing event. Especially for cats and dogs – but, today’s article would be more focus to the dogs. Dog is the number one most favorite pet on earth; they were adorable, smart, friendly – in short, this is animal is an excellent choice of pet for you and your family.

Until dogs begin to aging, this animal would always show their loyalty to their owners. What gift we could be more wonderful than this? Dog was considered as easy maintenance pet. All you have to do is kept dog’ surround environment clean and provide healthy nutritious foods as daily routine. Some of the owners even giving vegetables to their dogs – which is a very good habit for the dogs themselves. To make it more delicious, you can cook for your dog your own recipes at home.

Dogs not only become a perfect pet dog companion, but for many reasons dogs are used as sheep farming assistant by the farmers. Not to mention, this animal are the best bodyguard you could ever wish. However, when you decided to pet dog, it not all about our own benefits; we should able to provide all our dogs’ needs: mentally and physically. By learning to read dog’ emotion throughout their facial expression, we able to determine the reasons of certain dog behavior problem.

For instance, by recognize dogs’ fears expression, we able to train our dog not to be scared of the things he fears. This applied to other cases that potentially happen. So, does human have ability to recognize the dog’s expression? The answer is right down bellowed.

Read your Dog’s Expression

Does human have ability to recognize the dog’ expression? The answer is an absolute yes. From there, people able to detect what’s the true feeling our dogs which effected to dog’ behavioral. The learning would result a great value associated with how we treat our pets based what the pets’ feels. Your dog build communication with you through their expression and body language. Both of dog’ expression and body language are related. You must remember it; you cannot determine what’s dog’ feel based on one side only.

Now, we would learn several indications of emotions that expressed throughout dog’ body part. The more you understand your dog language, it influences to the relationship quality you’ve builded with your pets.

The Eyes

Eyes are the window of your soul; apparently, it also applied to our dogs. The state of dog’ emotion could be detect from dog’ eyes expression.

  • Soft Eyes: when you see your dog eyes shaped almond-shaped, rounded and soft, it’s mean that your dog is a confident, well-adapted, and friendly. This is followed with appropriate pupils’ dilated and some behaviors, such as wiggling, body curved, and relaxed tail wag.
  • Avoiding Eyes Contact: when your dog consciously avoid any contact eyes with you, it’s the way he says that he didn’t have any desire or will to challenge you. It’s your dog way to be polite.
  • The Hard Direct Contact: If you ever notice that a dog look at you with hard direct eyes contact, this is mean he is not in friendly mood. It’s often followed with stiff or harden body gesture and the eyes get piercing. In this situation, it is the best to ignore the dog; more likely, he would not doubt to bite.

The Ears

  • Ears Relax: when you notice your dog’ ears swivel aside his head (in straight ears dogs), and in drop eared dogs the ears would hang flat on the side of dog’s face, this is indication of relax state.
  • Ears being Forward and Pricked Hard: that’s mean your dog in alert and aroused state. Most of the time, this is followed with straighten and tense body gesture.
  • Pulled Back Ears: when the ears are pinned back against dog’ head this is indication of several emotions inside the dog: it could be stress, happy appeasement, and fears. But, the key to detect what’s truly happen is by dog’ body languages. When your dog is fear, he might be followed by squint or shaken.

For your note, all these expressions are not completed. There are several others expression you might recognize on your dogs. Therefore, a deep study need to perform, folks!