6 Ways on How to Handle an Eye Infection on Dogs

Dog become one of the most popular animals to take as a pet, just like a cat. There are a lot of dog with their own characteristic. In keeping dog, there should be some problems or disease that could attack a dog such as eye infection. Eye infection should be treated fast and accurate by every dog owner. Here are some explanation on how to handle an eye infection on a dog’s eyes that is need to be paid attention well.

  • Clean Dog’s Eyes Regularly

The first step that should be done on how to handle an eye infection on dog’s eyes are by cleans off its eye first because sometimes an infection could cause a dirt on the dog’s eyes. Clean off a dog’s eyes could be done with a clean cloth and don’t use the same cloth if it had been used to clean the other eye.

  • Give Drops of Saline Solution

Besides do a cleansing on the outside of the infected dog’s eyes, the inner eyes also need to be cleaned but it isn’t using a cloth because it could cause an eye to scratch and add more trouble. To clean an infected dog’s eye needs a saline solution with the help of drops tool. Besides cleaning the infected inner eyes, saline solution could also help reduce the irritation. Here are 7 Steps to Correctly Apply Eye Drops to Cat which is similar to a Dog

  • Separate Dog with Others

While healing process, we need to separate the infected dog from the other normal healthy dog. This separation need to be done to clean out the dog’s house that could be the cause of the infection and also to avoid the infection spread to other dog or pet.

  • Take Dog to a Vet

A dog whose eye is infected need to have an antibiotic which prescripted and recommend by a vet. To get a prescription of antibiotics, a dog need to be brought to a vet to get the right diagnose from the doctor so the antibiotic that is going to be used is the right one to heal the infection. Here are 5 Warning Signs That You Must Take Your Dog To The Vet.

  • Give Antibiotics

If you have get the prescription from the vet, now it’s your responsibility as an owner to give the antibiotics to the infected eyes in order to overcome the infection on the dog’s eyes. Besides antibiotics eye drops there are also another form of medication such as an oral medicine that should be given when the process of healing the infection.

  • Keep Dog from Scratching Its Eyes

In the process of healing your dog’s eyes there are another thing that should be done to keep your dog from scratching their infected eyes. An infected dog’s eye certainly will cause a strong itchy feels. To help prevent your dog from scratching their on the process of medication could be done by giving them a special cone on their head. Here are 5 Medical Reasons Your Pet Dog Might Be Itching

That all how to treat an infection in a dog’s eyes that every dog owner should know to avoid any further infection.