Maximizes your Betta Fish Diet by Giving them these 2 Foods

Some animals of the wildlife could be a very pleasant accompany as a pet, especially fishes. Not only because they were not aggressive and dangerous, also because fishes are known as the most beautiful creatures on earth. Take an example of Spanish dancer fish. This fish was famous of the mesmerizing movement and body’s color which often compare to the dance movement of Flamenco dance from Spanish. Dolphins, oh… There’s nothing a single doubt about this particular mammalian fish. Dolphins are known as the most kind, hospitable underwater creature. Many cases reportedly about how dolphins help people in needed.

Another reason to keep fishes as pet is they were more intelligent than you ever thought. Fish point of view of the environmental surround them was wondrous. If you thought that the only animal which could recognize and remember their owner or the one who gave them foods are just dogs and cats, you are wrong. A study reviled the fact which said fishes are capable to recognized and remembered people’s faces as good as dogs. So, when you wonder do your pet fish remember you, the answer is yes! Knowing all of these facts, is a good step to reconsider to keep this little creatures inside your own aquarium.

Furthermore, there are many types of fishes you could choose as pet, but however, let me suggest you a type of fish that famous because of their wonderful appearance – the name is Betta fish. Yup, beautiful creature with special characteristic on their tails. Betta fish’s tails shaped widen and tufted with shimmering colors. If today, you are one of Betta fish owner, we would give you recommendation of perfect foods. Here we go, maximizes your Betta fish diet by giving them these 2 foods.

What Types of Foods Betta Fish Eat?

Betta fish is known as a carnivores species which mean in the wildlife they eat any types of living creatures. Ordinarily they would eat algae, but do not mistaken this animal, they would become aggressive and without any hesitation would hunt some small fishes species they could found. But, do not worry though, this hunting behavior was rarely happened in the tank (aquarium) as long as you keep feed them on time and regularly, so they don’t have to hunt other small fish in your aquarium.

However, my advice – just to make sure everyone safe – just keep them separate with another small fishes (in case you also keep some small fishes). Apparently, Betta fish known as aggressive attacker for small fishes. They might be not attack your other small fishes in fulled belly, but whenever they hungry, they would. So, yes, my advice is just put them in separate tank, that would be better. Some people said that Betta fish is picky eater, but apparently that is not true. They just need the quantity of food rather than the types of food; they could eat living and also frozen food that sold freely.

How Often you need to Feed your Betta Fish?

For the first time owner of Betta fish, perhaps you would confuse how often you need to feed your Betta fish daily? It’s likely depends on the size of your Betta fish; the larger your fish, the frequency must be quicker than the smaller one. At large and majority of adult Betta fish would be feed around twice a day, sometime once is even enough.

The ages also affect feed frequency on your fish. For the younger one, you could feed them twice a day everyday because they need proper nutrient to growth. Once in a while you could schedule a day without food to let your Betta fish digestion system rest, because it’s one of the proper need of Betta fish body mechanism to stay healthy.

1. Living Food

The best source of food for your Betta Fish is living sources. But, yes, it’s a little bit hard to found and the price won’t be cheap to purchase. This perhaps one of most the hardest mission you would experience, especially if you only have one Betta fish. The time would feel worthless compare to the actions of search the living creatures which is hardly found. It’s a little make sense if you have several numbers of Betta fishes and search the living sources for the diet menu.

Yes, it is hard, but remember, the quality of food must be the first priority of owner no matter what animals you have kept. However, these are the lists of living sources you could use as the healthy diet menu for your beloved Betta fish.

The Bloodworms

Bloodworms mainly lived in bottom or sandy of subtidal or interdal regions. Bloodworms should live in the water which low of salt and oxygen levels. Bloodworms also known as typically shallow marine’s species.

The Earthworms

Another type of worm, the earthworm could be a healthy diet menu for your beloved Betta fish. Commonly, earthworm lived at soil-litter interface and deep under the ground.

Another Animals

There are many varieties of animals you could feed to your Betta fish, such as mosquito, brine shrimps, common water fleas, and other small fishes.

2. Freeze Dried Food

The last from this article maximizes your Betta fish diet by giving them these 2 foods is freeze dried food. The easiest food you could pick for your Betta fish is freeze dried food. However, there are variety of freeze dried food sold freely, and perhaps you don’t know what’s products are best for the fish; then here are some recommended products you could choose:

Hikari Betta Bio-Gold Pellet

Hikari pellet has a quality that makes it different than another product, which is the float. Betta fish prefer eat in the water surface because apparently it’s more appetizing than “drown” foods. With the float, you could also monitor how much your fish has eaten; easily to remove leftover which is could pollute the water.

Tetra Bloodworms Freeze Dried

If, it hard for you to provide living bloodworms, why not just like the instants bloodworms freeze dried instead? This product contained the amount of protein which also would be found in the living bloodworms. But, do remember, this food should be used mix up with another food, because it’s more likely used as supplement.