These 5 Animals have Better Long Hair Than Yours

Hello my friends, today we would discuss interesting topic about these 5 animals have better long hair than yours. I know, it’s a bit funny but you must know there are some animals which are gifted with the most fabulous long hairs or furs. It is even safe to say they looked more beautiful than us (especially me). Today’s list is included the most friendly and loyal animal to human, the dog, horse, and even chickens!

Yes, I know; there are some chicken that have been classified as the most beautiful long hair animal (it’s also surprise me a lot). However, without further do, here are: these 5 animals have better long hair than yours; Let’s take a look!

1. The Gypsy Horse

This animal would never out from the list of beautiful animal on earth. Even more, this animal had picked as royal family’s favorite animal almost for century.  Some of horses species are famous for their long hair, included this one the Gypsy horse. Gypsy horse was admired for remarkable straight and silky long hair. No one would deny the appearance of this creature. Gypsy horse also known with several names such as Irish cob, Colored cob, Gypsy cob, and Gypsy Vanner.

There are different patterns of Gypsy horse colors, but among others white and black are the most common colors of them. Furthermore, Gypsy skin’s pattern is similar with cow (but more irregular). Other than white and black, there are also combination of black and dark brown, and the most mesmerize color (also my favorite) is the white and pale-light brown color. You would absolutely agree with me when you see it with your own eyes.

What make this horse special than other is the feathering of their legs. The feather growth below the knee down to their almost-horseshoe in both of front and hind legs; make them even prettier than others. Just imagine, you ride a horse such magnificent as Gypsy horse, I would never regret the opportunity!

2. Old English Sheepdog

Arrgghh… Okay, okay, I apologize – but, I hope you would forgive me for being crazy, because one of my most favorite dog’s species was entered the list! Yes, the one and only Old English Sheepdog! Who would deny one of the most adorable and wonderful species of dog. Just look at those hairs that fell and cover their eyes? What kind of people who would not fall for this dog?

However, not only gifted with the fabulous long hair, apparently this dog also gifted with a large sized body. The male Old English Sheepdog height approximately about 56 to 61 cm and the weight about 32 to 45 kg; the female’s height approximately about 51 to 56 cm and the weight about 27 to 36 kg. Old English Sheepdog was originated from England and used as herding dog, and the majority of them was colored with white and grey combination. There’s some of them purely white colored, but it’s not very common.

This adorable animal also had nicknames the bobtail and Dulux dog (because this dog become the main artist in long-running for Dulux paint advertise). However, I would cry in happiness when someday I got a new puppy of Old English Sheepdog! What about you, folks?

3. The Norwegian Forest Cat

I bet no one is surprise if one of cat’s breed is included in the list. Yes, you are right. This cute little buddy is famous of their amazing and elegant appearance as long as I could remember. Just name it, Persian cat, Angora cat, short-hair cat, etc; all of them was several beautiful breeds of cat. But, let take a moment, do you ever heard about Norwegian forest cat? Norwegian forest cat apparently would be one of the most mesmerizing cat’s breed you would ever seen.

Domesticated in Norway, this breed famous for their attractive long glossy coat. One of the superiority of this animal is they perfectly adapted with extreme winter in Norway, thanks to their fabulous coat. One of their famous characteristic of Norwegian forest cat is the big fluffy tails (which would remain you of cotton candy). Norwegian forest cat spread in variety of colors, but the most common ones are the combination of white and grey, also black and light-brown colors. Cat’s lover, do you interesting to pet this animal?

4. Silkie Chicken

Perhaps you would never know about chicken which owned one of the most beautiful feather, the name id Silkie Chicken (sometime it also pronounces as Silky). Chicken is being part of human lives for such a long time. They were classified as one of the greatest livestock production in human history. Well, my friend, it’s very sad if you just enjoyed chicken’s productions without learn some amazing facts of chicken; one of it is the most beautiful chicken breed on earth.

Silkie chicken name was based of their feather that almost look like its been made from silk. Their feather is longer compare to other chickens and has this shimmering appearance. Similar with the Old English Sheepdog, their feather is covered their head (even their eyes), almost looked like they wear a hat on their head. When you see this creature from far away, you could see how soft the feather would be if you touch it (by the way, I never touch it too). Furthermore, there are some of color variants of Silkies chicken: the pure white, black, brown, and grey.

5. Long Hair Guinea Pig

Okay, first let me make it clear. Although they called as “pig”, but Guinea pig is not a pig; in fact, they were classified as rodent family. There are two types of Guinea pig that exist out there: the short-hair and the long hair Guinea pig. Consider out topic today, so we would learn exclusively about the long hair Guinea pig. However, this large rodent is similar to hamster (in appearance) which spread in many color variation. In fact, perhaps Guinea pig is one of the most adorable animal you could pet.

Based on the name, long hair Guinea pig were gifted with soft, straight amazing hair. If you interest to keep this animal as a pet, here are famous breeds of long hair Guinea pig you could look up: Texel, Peruvian, the Silkie, Merino, Sheba, Alpaca, Lunkarya, and Corenet. The majority of these breeds has shiny silky hair that could strike your heart from the fist time!