4 Amazing Facts about Baby Penguins

As threaten of global warming increased every day, a lot of concern was aimed to all Arctic animals. How natural habitat of Polar animals was destroyed and decreased each year by climate changing, arise people’s self-awareness to start pay attention and do something to keep the wildlife from the existence. All the naturalist, researchers rack their brains to solve and looking for the way out of this disaster. How to stabilize populations number of Arctic animals, from the big polar bear to the penguins.

Furthermore, today we would minimize our topic only to penguins. What’s so special about them, why we should protect this adorable little creature? But, let me propose my mentation; every single life on earth have a right to live. No one is superior than others, we all need each other. So, it is our job as intellectual human being to protect and help this poor creatures. To help them, we should learn to love the species first, in this particular case is the penguins. Penguins are one among many native inhabitants of Polar regions.

Many movies characters dedicated to penguins, such as: Mumble the excellent dancer penguin from Happy Feet, the troop of penguins with the three famous members: Skipper, Kowalski, and Rico from Madagascar, and etc. However, there are many facts about penguins you should take a look. The real-life of penguins are much as interesting as the fiction. I’m pretty sure that you would amaze by all of these facts. So, don’t waste any time, here are: 4 amazing facts about baby penguins!

1. What We Should Called Baby Penguins

Okay, fist of all, every single animal on earth has different names. We can’t just called them by baby “particular animal”. Here are some examples: for baby anteater and bat people called their baby as pup; babies ape and monkey is called infants; baby rabbit is called bunny; baby kangaroo is called joey (that is very lovely); baby sheep is called lamb; dog is called puppy and cat is called kitty. So, basically every animal owned their particular name. However, would you guess what baby penguin would call?

People would call new born penguins with chicks or nestlings. But mostly people prefer to called it chicks. Adorable animal should have adorable nickname, and I absolutely agreed with their cute name! Furthermore, chick not only used for new born baby, it also used for young penguins in general. If you see a group full of baby penguins, people called the group as crèches which took from French.

2. The Look of Baby Penguins

Well, after we learn about the first fact, let’s start call baby penguin with chick. So, people, if you wonder what chick look alike, it’s a little bit hard to explain. Chicks are different one from another, just like people. What would you answer if someone asked you what the baby look alike (human’s baby)? I bet you would answer, she looks beautiful same as her mother or she has blonde hair, and etc. So do with chicks, every one is different based on the species. Not only the appearance, they also spread in different colors and sizes – once again, all is based by the species of the penguins.

Take example of the Emperor penguins chick; new born of Emperor penguin is covered with gray plumage – all is pure gray. However, the color would change and at the end would disappear as they grow become an adult. As an adult, Emperor penguin would get the shade of white and black plumage which I believe that is what people know of Emperor penguin colors in general.

However, chicks are born with different physical characteristics which also effected by their natural habitat. But, yes, overall all these chicks looked alike super soft ball of hair, little baby on ice!

3. The Chick Development

To growth as a chick, new born must go through a process, and all the process depended to the parents. The parents ability would affect the survival of the chick during the hatching and the growth of their perfect feathers, until they could stand on their own foots and leave the colony (would usually go to forage at the sea). The period of time is different between species; for Adélia chicks it needs about seven to nine weeks, and for the King chicks, it needs about thirteens months.

Furthermore, almost in general penguins species, after their body develop the perfect waterproof feathers (which is after a chick growth become an juvenile), they would be able to swim and enter the water. At this point this penguin already lived independently from the parents. However, gentoo penguins species on particularly would leave the colony to forage at the sea at juvenile ages during the day, but went back again to colony; some of them even still receive the foods from their parent within twelve days from the day one of the adventure of foraging the sea.

4. Why Penguin’s Feet did not Freeze?

If you wonder why don’t penguin’s feet didn’t freeze, consider they would walk bare feet on top of the ice. The surprising fact is, penguin’s bare feet has ability to prevent the ice for burn their body. For your note, penguin was build up with all the self-defense coat to survive with the extreme climate. The thick feathers, and waterproof plumage would keep their body warm even in extreme temperature. Now, don’t you wonder, what it feels like for penguin during the hot day under the sun-light?

Well, if you look closer to these animals, the only naked body parts (without any fur attach) are the feet and beak. Apparently, everything has the purpose; the two of naked parts are become the flume for the heat escape from their body; maintain stability of temperature inside penguin’s body. So, other words, our Creator knows well what He designed.

This is the end of our topic today: 4 amazing facts about baby penguins; and I really hope we learn something new every single day. Just like wise people said, there is no limit for knowledge!