Why are Rabbits not Suggested to Eat Carrot too Often?

Among the wildlife, rabbit used to live among the grassland and some of them adapted with the dry area. They live freely among the nature, hide under the bushes and trees, jumped happily anytime they wanted. But, as pet, they would live inside human-made house; this is why you would be warn to comply all basic requirements of rabbit’s need. A proper housing, provide all nutritious foods that help to maintain their body.

Furthermore, there are many different species of rabbits as options, such as: Lop rabbits with several famous breeds such Holland Lop, German Lop, and English Lop; then, there are Flemish Giant rabbit, Angora rabbit, Lionhead rabbit, and others. Every single rabbit’s species develop different characteristics and individual temperament; choose the one that suit to your house environment and conditions to ensure both of you (the rabbit and you) feel comfortable around each other.

Become a good owner mean you understand every little thing about your rabbit, the thing they should have and don’t. The most sensitive aspect of keeping rabbit is foods. We all knew, foods could bring goodness but at the same time, it could bring calamity upon your rabbits. If you are able to fulfill your duty – providing the ultimate healthy food for your rabbit, then you’ll make your rabbit live in their optimal lives. But, let’s guess what would happen if you ignored your job – give them whatever you “think” was good without considering what’s truly need by their body?

I think I don’t have to continue the rest, right my friends? Most of the time, rabbit identically with the orange vegetable called carrot. Yes, almost in every cartoon or movie, you’ll see that rabbit looks like only eat carrot, and when I was a child, I thought that rabbit indeed only eat carrot based what I watched that time. When the adulthood hit me, I realized that this wasn’t true – in fact, we couldn’t use carrot as the primarily food for our beloved rabbit. Why are rabbits not suggested eating carrot too often? Let’s find the answer here!

Rabbit & Carrot

It is not rabbits if they don’t eat carrot! Thought of many people. Image that rabbit only eat carrot was glue strong in our childhood, thanks to all cartoons released out there. I don’t even know why these people made this description, but in reality – and a lot of people didn’t understand that carrot reviled could harm your beloved rabbit’s health. One fact reviled by veterinarian: carrot should be never rabbit’s primarily source of food.

Basically, rabbits are not born as feeders of root vegetables and fruits. One fundamental reason, carrot contained with a high amount of sugar. Feed it uncontrollably to rabbit would cause so much troubles in the future. Similar to human, rabbit can’t consume too much sugar that is why, these professionals suggest all rabbit’s owners to give only a little amount of carrot, occasionally as treat or addition. So, the answer of the question: why are rabbits not suggested eating carrot too often is because a high level of sugar contents inside carrot.

Instead, feed rabbit with root vegetables, the most excellent food choices for rabbits are hays and grasses. Some leafy greens small amount of pellet also recommended. What would happen to rabbit if constantly being fed with carrot? Constantly provide carrot as main meal would lead to some health condition upon rabbits, such as tooth decay and other health problems. Moreover, carrot was called as “the junk food” of rabbits and included to the top five factors that cause health problem for rabbit.

So, do not ever follow what you have seen without confirm it first with specialists of professionals. Most of health issues happened to rabbits was caused by the poor diet routine. If you really love your rabbit, do not ignore protocol given by professional about food sources allowed to be feed and disallowed ones. A study also reviled rabbit muesli-style foods potentially trigger fatal dietary problems on the rabbit. You must selectively choose to balance foods to prevent this health malfunction happen to your pet.

However, don’t you worry, my dear friends, because we would also share an excellent diet food you should provide to fulfill rabbit body’s needs. Check it out!

The Best Diet Ingredients for Rabbit

The best prime diet you must provide each day is fresh water (at least one bundle) and a high quality of hay. As an addition, prepare a perfect portion of commercial pellets and leafy greens. The perfect portion for an adult is about handful of dark leafy greens, and then followed by one to two egg cups of commercial pellets. This is the appropriate diet on a day for an adult rabbit.

One thing you should considered is given your rabbit openly access for grazing the grass; do not forget, grazing is part of rabbit’s habit. Provide the field to channel rabbit’s habit would prevent psychology problems such stress and depress.

  • Fresh and Clean Water: ensure the rabbit to have access for fresh and clean water twenty-four hours per-day. You could use water container such as drip-feed bottle or bowl. Make sure you supervise the cleanliness of the bottle every day; during the summer ensure it’s clean from algae and during winter, ensure the water isn’t freezing.
  • Grasses and Hays: do not forget that these two type of foods was the main food of rabbits. An adult need at least a bundle of hays and grasses every single day. Select the fresh and high quality of hays and grasses, and ensure you rabbit able to access his food all day long (twenty-four hours).
  • Leafy Greens and Pellet: try feeding your rabbit with variety of leafy greens such as kale, cabbage, mint, parsley, and broccoli. To avoid upset gut, make sure you feed in small amount every single meal. Gradually introduce rabbit with several different type of leafy greens. For pellet, the perfect of pellet for an adult is about 25g per-day, and maximum is about 2 full of egg cup per-day.