Top Reasons for Choosing To Become A Dog Groomer

Are you obsessed with dogs and would do anything to possible to meet dogs? Then you are maybe born to be a dog groomer. No, seriously, being a dog groomer is never a bad thing to shame of. Otherwise  you must be proud of being a dog groomer because there are top reasons for choosing to become a dog groomer. 

1. More dogs!

As a dog groomer, you will work with the loveliest clients in the world, dogs. Everyday, and there will be no days without them. Imagine you will spent 8 hours solid hours a day to do your job while surrounded by your most favorite furry friends ever! 8 hours would only feel like minutes.

Some dog groomer may like to work with most dogs, but some aren’t. If you are one of the dog groomers who are only comfortable or capable for handling some specific dogs, you are still be able to be the professional one. Just like doctors, you can be specialized for taking care some specific dogs. There are so many dog owners who want that specialized dog groomer.

2. You can bring your dog to work.

Have you ever face a dilemmatic situation when you need to leave your dog behind? You will never face this kind of dilemma if you are a dog groomer. Your private clinics or hospital will usually let your dog come in and stay there while you are working, how cool is that?

Thus, you don’t need to leave your dog alone in the house. If you bring your dog with you, your dog will have more friends, happier, kept in touch, and have more time to play with other dogs. If your dog is well behaved and extraordinary caring and smart, he could be one of the crew!

3. More friends.

Most dog owners will come back to the same vets or animal hospitals or the same clinics once they get comfortable having treatment there. They will become regular visitor and patients so that they will come regularly and make friends with you. Thus, there are chances you get new friends and possible new private patients when they need you to come.

4. More money.

It has been mentioned before that when it comes to regular treatment, you will be needed almost every time. There are dog owners who may don’t have even little time in the weekdays to bring their dogs to get urgent treatment.

Or maybe there are urgent times and conditions when a dog groomer is needed immediately on location of the dog. In holiday season, there will be dog owners who must leave their dogs home so a dog sitter is needed. In this case, they will choose anyone who can walk their dog, but preferably choose the ones with more experience about dog.

Thus, you can get extra money outside your regular work in the clinics or hospitals. If you are more comfortable being a freelance groomer, this will be good too.

You can also get more money in seasonal months and holidays when the dog owners usually need to leave for holidays while the dogs still need to have treatments. The possibility is unlimited to only grooming, you can be a temporary dog sitter or walker.

5. More flexible time.

Being a dog groomer is like being a boss, you can choose when to work. If you are a student, you can work after the school hour. Or, you can choose to only work in the weekends and holidays, it is all up to you.

Even though you work in a private clinics and hospital, you can still choose when to work based on the clinics rule of course. There is no job selling targets, only a full loving attention to those wonderful fury clients. You can play with dogs whenever you want to because basically you work for them.

6. More entrepreneurial chances.

A dog groomer is a great job and there are more chances to have your own business build by this kind of service. You will have a business which the clients are your the most favorite creature on earth. And you will work with the most caring and kindhearted people in this planet to not only giving regular treatment but also saving lives of others.

7.  You could be a real hero.

Who don’t want to be a hero? Even for only one single life? You can be a real hero by only being a dog groomer, seriously. For the least, you can save life by giving the greatest and correct treatment for dogs, thus the dog can always be healthy.

Moreover, as a professional dog groomer, your voice is heard. You can make any important and useful movement for the dogs with many support to gather anyone to be responsible of specific issue. With those movements or campaigns you could save many lives.

So those are the top reasons for choosing to become a dog groomer. Which one moves you the most to be a dog groomer? The clients, the money, the chances, or all of them? Being a dog groomer can be very profitable and open many chances.

You can even be a true hero by being a dog groomer. You can still make money on your own from grooming dogs and don’t need to get attached to any clinic and hospital. The working time is also very flexible. Sounds interesting isn’t it?