Things to Do When You Meet a Stray Dog


Hello there, fellow dog lovers! How are you and your dog doing? We hope you guys will be happy and healthy always, every day, and more. Hey, we have been talking about adopting a dog from the street and adopting a dog from a shelter, yup those experiment could be handy for you who want to adopt a new dog and giving them a second chance; the dog would be so grateful and indeed will be loyal to only to you.

Yes, those experiments are indeed exhausting, but the result will be magnificent. However, we understand if some of dog lovers here does not want to do any experiments as probably you have no time to do them, but what if some day you encountered a stray dog in your way to work or school? Would you just simply ignore them? If you ignore them could you consider yourself as a dog lover? Well, in this occasion we would like to tell you about Things to Do When You Meet a Stray Dog, so you can do something if you meet one. Check it out!


Why You Should Do Something?

Some of you might asking why we must do something when we meet a stray dog on the street? Even cat lovers just simply ignored any stray cats they encountered on their way to work or school, then why dog lovers should do something when they meet one? Yup, that is probably the questions you will be asking when reading this article. However, we have logical humane reasons why you should do something when you meet a poor stray dog, especially if you are living in dog-unfriendly neighborhood.

1. Stray Dogs are rare in dog-unfriendly neighborhood

  • Yup, not like cats, stray dogs are rarely found in dog-unfriendly neighborhood. Probably because of the majority regards dogs as a plague who should not be taken care of which it would be rare if someone feed a stray dog, but it would be common if you see someone feeding a cat.
  • Because of this rarity, no one care for a stray dog, most of them just scavenging leftover on nearby trash can, some of them even failed to live on the street thus die in agony, some of them even captured and slaughtered in order to be served as food. Yup, living on the street is no heaven for a dog.
  • So, if you meet one and do something good such as feeding her, it would probably only one kindness she ever receives from human.

2. Nothing wrong by feeding a stray dog you usually meet on your way to work or school

  • We believe, that stray dog you met on your way to work will be stay there on that sport for a quite long time. She probably believes that this spot is a safe spot.
  • So, why not give her a piece of bread on your way to work? It would not cost a minute and it will not cost a fortune, besides you will do her a favour.

Then What Should We Do?

What you are going to do would be simple and easy, even you might will be touched, thus you will finally decide to adopt her as your new dog. However, if you just want to simply take care of her and let her live on the street is okay though, we simply recommend that you should never ignore her on your way to work or school ever again. So, let’s check it out!

Give her food

  • If you spotted any stray dog on your way to work or school, then we would like to recommend you give her some food. You know living on the street as we told you before is not easy, especially for dog. Dogs would be simply kicked out by most of majority here, even worse they would be captured and will be served as food.
  • However, we will not ask you to give her some fancy dog food to her, but if you want to give her any it’s okay though. However, for starters, you could simply give her a slice of bread. Anyway, sometimes she is scared of you and will not approach you directly; if this happens, you could simply put the bread on the ground while the dog seeing you doing so. Then, take a few steps back and you will see the dog will try to grab the food and bring it to a safe place where she could eat it peacefully.
  • Please feed her regularly, you can feed her before or after or even both on your way to work or school. She will be grateful and after a few sessions of feeding, she will get excited every time you pass the road. She will know from far away that you are coming bringing her food. She will jump from here to there excited that her saviour is finally coming. She will you know, express her happiness by waging her tail and approaching you, even she might bark happily towards you.
  • You know, this seeing a stray dog who is happy to see you is indeed give you the satisfying feeling. The feeling of saving a stray dog is indeed remarkable, words can’t describe them; so, if you want to know how it feels then we suggest you try it.

After a few feeding sessions, there is one more thing you can do; you can try to pet her if she is friendly enough to you. Then, nothing more that you can do as feeding and petting her regularly are enough, unless if you want to adopt her then it would be the final solution for her struggle. However, probably you don’t want to adopt her and just simply feed and pet her every day; once again it’s okay if you want to do so, we just simply never recommend you to ignore her. Good luck!