Could a Feral Dog Become a Good Pet?


Hello there, fellow dog lovers! How are you and your dog doing? We hope you guys will always be healthy and happy, always, every day, and more. Hey, have you been thinking on adopting a new dog? Or do you still thinking of having a dog? Either way, have you ever thought having a feral dog to become your pet? Yes, a feral dog, not the one you buy from nearby fancy pet store, but the one you usually seen on the street. You, having a fancy house dog is normal for a dog lover, but having a feral dog as a pet? That is indeed something different. However, you guys might asking whether a feral dog could become a good pet or not; well don’t worry about it, animallova would explain that indeed a feral dog could be a good pet. So, check it out!


Why a Feral Dog?

Well, some people would prefer having a simple house dog that been bought from nearby pet store as this kind of dog has their own perks. Mostly, it’s because they are easy to take care of and don’t need to be tamed. House dog just need a proper introduction to her new family. In other words, a house dog just needs to know who are going to be her new family, and the rest will flow just like a river flow.

However, having a house dog is indeed easy to obtain rather than a feral dog who usually live on the street and having a harsh life. It is indeed they are not fortunate enough like other dogs. They probably had been abused, has been starved, had been traumatized, and another unimaginable pain that is indeed to harsh to be explain of. Which is why, as a dog lover, we suggest you if you want to have another dog, then why not having a new one by adopting a feral dog and turning them into a lovely happy dog? That is indeed quite achievement for a dog lover, right?

What if you are still new in having a dog? Should you tame a feral dog too? Well, in truth, for a newcomer it is indeed recommended to try having a well-trained dog because it would be easier for you to learn about dog more comprehensively. However, if you are a person who love a challenge so much and love to live like there’s no tomorrow, then it is recommended for you to tame a nearby feral dog. It would be quite a challenge and the result would be nothing but satisfaction. Spoiler alert, taming a feral dog requires patient, passion, and hard work to do it properly, so be careful and good luck!

Could a Feral Dog Become a Good Pet?

The answer is indeed it is 100 percent possible for a feral dog to become a good pet. A simple answer about this matter would be that dog has been tamed again and again by humans in many life times, once there was no tamed fancy house dog but a feral one; however nowadays we could see many breeds of already tamed dog everywhere. In other words, if our ancestors able to tame a fierce feral dog, why not us? It is obvious taming a feral dog in our time would be easier is it not? We don’t need to tame them again with swords and spears anymore.

Yeah, indeed they would be dirty and vicious at the beginning but with proper approach of taming, she would be the best lovely dog you ever seen in your entire life time. It would indeed require so many patient, passion, and hard work to do all of it, but still it won’t change the result.

If you are not sure enough about our answer, you could see many reviews of dog lovers all around the world about them taming a feral dog nearby their neighbourhood. You could see the before-after process of a feral dog who turns into a lovely pet. Once again, all of the ending will be nothing but satisfaction.

Then How to Tame Them?

Taming a feral dog would be quite tricky, as they might be afraid of you and might bite you in the arm so you need to be very patient and careful or you will get a bite in the arm. So, please read our instructions carefully

Firstly, make sure that you bring a peace offering which is a food of course. You could bring your own dog food or simply bring an edible dog food such as piece of bread. Also, make sure that the food is visible enough for the dog so she could see that you are here bringing a peace offering for her. If you don’t bring any food she might flee away from you and might be even bark angrily at you then will try to bite you off.

Secondly, after she understands that you come to her in peace, then it is time for you to feed her. However, in terms of feeding a feral dog, it is recommended for you to feed her with a distance. Repeat the feeding sessions regularly. After a few feeding sessions, she will start to trust you and will be ready to feed straight from your own hand.

After that, you could try to hand-feeding them. It would be fun to hand-feeding a feral dog. Just simply don’t make any sudden moves or she will get spooked. If you are lucky, while feeding she will offer you to rub her belly; however, don’t get cocky, just simply start petting their head. After a few sessions of feeding and petting then you could try to bring her home.

In order to bring her to your home, simply don’t forget to bring her a warm towel and cover her with it. After that, you could try hugging her and bring her home and let her be happy and forget all of the harsh moment on the streets.

Well, she might need a few adaptations, but she will do just fine. Just simply, never forget to take care of her and read some articles on animallova to increase your knowledge about dog. Good luck!

*Barks away