2 Types of Rabbit Cages and Their Functions

Cage is an important pet equipment must be prepare before bringing the animal into your house. In rabbit there are 2 types of rabbit cages and their functions – which will be our main topic of discussion today. When you raise rabbit in your house, you should considered the right size of cage that could accommodate full-adult size body not only when he was a baby rabbit. For raising rabbit rabbits, you need to know the perfect cage to choose: rabbit hutch or rabbit cage.

No matter what intention you have to raise rabbit – whether may be traded business, livestock, or purely as companion, the welfare of the rabbit should be your priority. Especially if you intent to breed your rabbit; an intensive care for pregnant rabbit was included a proper cage. Cage is a house for animal, like people, when we feel uncomfortable inside our own homes, it only distresses us; so did with your rabbit. If, you put him inside a small cage without considering the perfect space, it’s no more but a jail.

Furthermore, place selection is also important. Rabbits are delicate, they were sensitive; this sensitivity was part of their instincts to survive from their predators. So, it is better to put the cage in the most quiet room which rarely entered by another pets such dogs or cats (in case you have another pet). The room must be avoided from loud noises because rabbits are easily frighten – and it’s fatal for rabbits. Do you know that frighten be the one of rabbit’s dead caused?

When a rabbit was furious and frightened, they could strike by heart attack on sudden, the worst case it leads to the death of the animal. Therefore, you should never surprise rabbit on sudden like people usually did for cats or dogs. However, let’s choose the best cage for your beloved rabbit that safe and sounds, but first, you should know about 2 types of rabbit cages and their functions.

Rabbit’s Cages

There are two types of cages provided on pet stores out there, the first one is indoor cage and the second one outdoor cage. Most of the time, the outdoor cage was widely known as hutch and cage mostly refers to indoor cage. Based on this you can assume that rabbit housing was totally depended on where you will keep the rabbit, outdoor or indoor. Both of cages need to applied proper measurement for the good of rabbit.

If you ask which one is more comfortable, it’s depend on how you set up the cage itself, because naturally rabbits able to live indoor or outside. But, the thing you might consider is climate and temperature around your area. If the decision was made to put rabbit on outside (for reasons), you should able to provide all the equipment that keep rabbit warm and cozy. As we know, temperature could drop on sudden, so preparation for it is urgent.

Don’t let your rabbit froze or heat excessively due temperature strike. If you keep everything exactly where it belongs (bedding, nesting, lightening, etc), I believed you rabbit would be fine. So, let’s learn about these two different cages:

1.Indoor Cage (Cage)

Most of the time (unless you make it by yourself) indoor cages was made of combination two materials which are plastic and wire. But, if you are lucky, you would meet with cages made with wooden combination. The best indoor cage for rabbit must have enough space for him to move around, stand up without bumping his head to the top of cage, and he could lop a few times. Then, enough for your hand to enter the cage for cleanliness business and interact with the rabbit.

If you interest buying indoor cages, here are some of the list of good quality cages you would find on pet stores or online stores:

  • AmazonBasics Pet Habitat: yes, it is an original product of the biggest online shop in the world. Amazonbasics pet habitat was made from the combination of wire and plastic, its size is about 47.2 x 23.6 x 20.5 inches. The cage is already decorated with basics rabbit equipment such as tip-proof food dish, hay guard, and non-drip water bottle. But, remember, this cage was designed only for living space of one rabbit; it’s not recommended purchasing it if you have more than one rabbit. Amazonbasics pet habitat was sold around $75.
  • Living World Deluxe Habitat: made from combination of plastic and wire, LWDH was sold at price $104 and yes, it’s a little expensive. This cage was made of size about 46.89 x 22.8 x 24 inches, it has hinged roof which easily access, and balcony completed with a rounded ramp. LWDH was decorated with hay guard and water bottle outside the cage that make it easy for you to clean and a tip-proof food dish.

2. Outdoor Hutch

Outdoor cage which ordinarily called as hutch often created for more than one pet rabbit. So, yes it’s relatively larger than indoor cage; there are about three type of outdoor hutch as options for you: the first one is standing hutch, second is stacked hutch, and the third is suspended hutch. However, these types of hutches mostly was created for produce and industry business.

If your intention was to keep rabbit as pet, then I think you don’t really need these hutches, but we would recommend you to see these hutches which is sold on pet stores and online stores:

  • Trixie Rabbit Hutch with Peaked Roof: this hutch price is around $195, and the size approximately about 48.225 x 37.75 x 29.75 inches. The hutch was completed with hinged roof that could be lock; it has two stories that open from roof to the front of the hutch. The negative about this hutch is it might didn’t adjust well with outdoor condition because of light wood used as the main material. But, for the appearance, this hutch is absolutely attractive.
  • Petsfit Outdoor Rabbit Hutch: unlike Trixie, Petsfit was suitable for outdoor environment. It was made from cedar wood with water-based, asphalt, and pet-safe paint. The hutch has two stories and hinged roof and side doors; it is simple yet elegant – plus, you have enough access to interact and clean the hutch.