10 Reasons That Your Dog Won`t Listen to You

The life of your pet dogs is in danger if they don’t listen to you anymore. Dogs learn by training and socialize with human and other dogs. And by learning, this include disobeying your commands. This can happen when you are no longer in charge to correct their behavior. take by example, a well trained dog will not bolt out of the door as soon as you open it. In contrast, improper trained dogs will chase squirrel and get lost. They could end up in high traffic road with high risk of getting wounded or worse. If you really care about your dog and look for the reasons why your dog won`t listen to you, then seek no more. Here you will find 10 reasons that your dog won`t listen to you.

1. Your dog have a lot of energy

We always have that one friend in the school who is just jumping around, run all over the place and being extra, dog is no different. when the dogs is raring to go, they only focus on releasing that energy inside and having a hard time to listen to you.

To deal with this problem, you need to help them release the energy inside. Take the dog to exercise that will drain the energy. A daily walk that drain a lot of their energy will go a long way. Only after that your dog  could focus on you.

2. Different messages

Do not confuse your dog by giving different messages from their behavior.  You can not let the dog bark excessively sometimes but not others. The dog will confuse if another member of the house give different messages from their behavior. Sit down as a families and discuss about rules, boundaries and limitation you want to set for the dog.

3. Training dogs is a progression

Different dogs have different personalities, this will affect how long a dog could learn a new skill from training. Dogs have poor skill in generalizing, meaning that it takes lots of repetition for the dog to understand a command you give. Keep training your dogs to make sure they understand the messages and commands you are giving out, practice makes perfect.

4. They wait for non-verbal cue

One of many reasons that your dog won`t listen to you comes from the owner it self. Dog owners failed to notice that some commands need a cue, small changes make different result. Even trained dog will have confused by a command if they do not get the cue to take action. Take by example, your dog is trained to jump on command along with hand signals. He will not jump on  command if you do not give them hand signals. Always remember the cue for all commands that have been learned by the dog.

5. Distracted

Dogs have emotion too, read their body language before train them. they can be afraid of something, like the sound of thunder. another reason is your dogs have greater rewards than listening to you -there is squirrel to chase, there is another dog approaching- you name it. A lot of the times, dog training takes place inside the house. There is a way to train your dog to stay in the yard so next time he will not get distracted so much by unwanted guest approaching. Make him think that he will get more reward by not listening to you. Be the center of attention when giving out commands.

6. You are no longer leader of the pack

You try to move your dog off your lap or push him off the couch when he suddenly growl and showing you a nice set of fangs. If you move and let your dog get away with that behavior, then you are no longer leader of the pack. Consider using shock collar this behavior needs a good correction from professionals.

7. On-leash and Off-leash training

When the dog is on leash, they listen to all of your commands. On the other hand, you lose power over them when the leash is off. They are not trained to take commands outside the house. Your dog needs more  off-leash training in all kind of situation, so next time you take them outside they will listen to all your commands.

8. Jealousy

Strange as it may seems, but dogs do get jealous. Whether it is jealousy like as humans experience it, or a sense to protect the resource that matter to him. It is normal for a dog to protect what is matter for them. Take notice to surroundings if you find anything that trigger his jealousy, maybe he is guarding something. Jealousy, apart from 10 reasons that your dog won`t listen to you, could be hard to notice. In that case, notice what trigger his jealousy and make sure they are loved like they use to.

9. Born this way

Dog could just run away from home out of nothing. No matter how well the dog trained or how attentive you are as the owner, some breeds naturally just do not listen and run away from home. People see problem so complex that they forget sometimes, the reasons why your dog won`t listen to you is simply because the dogs are born that way.

10. Your dog might be sick

Health issue might be the reasons that your dog won`t listen to you. He could be in increasing pain that they can not respond to any commands. Regardless of your dog`s age, you play a key role in helping your dog to combat illness and remain as healthy as possible. If your dog is ill and too skinny, learn how to treat your skinny dog and gain healthy weight . Contact your veterinary if your dog shows symptoms of being ill.

11. Physical abuse

A well-trained dog is made through constant training and discipline. There is difference between discipline and physical abuse. Aversive discipline is to deliver pain to sensitive areas of a dog such as ear or muzzle when he perform bad behavior without intention to injure them. The pain will discourage the dog from repeating undesirable actions in the future and should professionally supervised. On contrast, Physical abuse means intentional act causing injury or trauma to a dog by way of bodily contact. From all the “10 reasons that your dog won`t listen to you” list, physical abuse is the worst of them all.

Discipline and affection must be in balance to make your dog listen to you. Showing affection by extended eye contact between dog and their owners will increase oxytocin levels that is known for its role in maternal bonding. More over, this bonding will allow you as pet owner to speak without saying a word. Pet owner could easily guess what their dogs feel or think just by their body language. Furthermore, discipline will regulate pet dog behavior to be in accordance. This will establish your position as authority clear and they will have sense of respect to you. Take a step to read 10 reasons that your dog won`t listen to you for insight at your dog behavior.