10 Common Household Items That Terrify Your Dog

Dogs could be fearless protectors for us. Some dog breeds are born to be powerful and strong. A loyal dog will protect you wherever you go. Your dog also could be protector of your house. It will react to strangers that come to your house – some of them are barking, some of them are only sniffing. But, do you know some dogs terrify of some household items? Well, these 10 common household items that terrify your dog.

1. Crockpot

Do you use crockpot for cooking? This household item is very useful to prepare your daily food, however, looks like your dog doesn’t really like this item. Basically, your dog doesn’t like items that make noise. When you’re using this item for cooking, it makes sound that terrifies your dog. Look at its face when you’re cooking with crockpot, a confused face will appear and it turns back slowly. You can also read How to Treat Dog Bites on Your Cat with Home Remedies and Warning Signs Your Dog Has Food Allergies

2. Grandfather Clock

As your dog basically doesn’t like noisy item, a grandfather clock could be a nightmare. Can you imagine the grandfather clock chimes every hour? Your dog will be terrified as hell. Your dog’s body will be shaking inside like evil spirits come to its body. There are three options to help your dog: First, you obviously need to change your clock, no chiming clock would be better. Second, if you can’t change it as your grandfather clock is your family heritage, set your grandfather clock to not chiming. Third, if you really need your grandfather clock chiming every hour, no need to worry, train your dog to get used to it.

Train your dog to get used to it at very young age. You can put your dog inside, and when the grandfather clock chimes, calm your dog down. Hug it or rub its head gently. Don’t forget to give it snack when the chime is over.

3. Duct Tape

Your dog will be startled when you rip the layer of duct tape off quickly. Your dog would come to the duct tape and stare at it. When you do that again, either your dog would be barking or running away. You can use the duct tape to train your dog. If your dog does something you don’t like such as biting or barking, rip it off near its ears. But don’t do that very often.

4. Spray Bottle

Are you cleaning your windows by spraying water from spray bottle? Look at your dog’s reaction when you do that close to it. Beside noisy items, dogs are very sensitive with spraying items. If your dog is still a puppy, it will be terrified a little. It might happen to your dog if you have bathed your dog by spraying it with water and your dog was not ready yet. Indirectly, you scare your dog and your dog would remember it. Try to not scare it by spraying it with water slowly. Your dog would be one step closer to be fearless.

5. SodaStream Machine

The sound of sodastream machine also could startle your dog. If you don’t train your dog to get used to it, your dog will be terrified of it. Try to get your dog around when you start using the machine. First, your dog would be confused by staring at the machine, and then it barks to the machine. Calm your dog down by rub its head to show it that the machine is not dangerous. After you do that many times, the next step is to try putting your dog on your thigh when you’re sitting to use the machine. If your dog feels uncomfortable, rub its head again until it gets used to it.

6. Balloon

You will use this item when you are celebrating birthday or anniversary. It doesn’t look dangerous at all until it pops and makes your dog startled. This item would be one of terrifying item if it happens to your dog. If it happens to your dog, calm your dog down. Get its bravery back by showing that the balloons are safe. But don’t let your dog paws the balloon. When it pops because of the paws, your dog will terrify of it again. How to Train Puppies to Stop Fighting Each Other in The House and What to expect with an older dog?

7. Microwave

Do you often reheat your food with microwave? When your food is ready after reheating, looks like your dog is terrified of it. Sometimes, the sound of microwave disturbs your dog. Nothing you could do but train your dog to get used to it. You only need to familiarize the microwave to your dog. If your dog barks to the microwave, calm it down. The more you use your microwave, the more your dog will know that the item is actually not dangerous.

8. Digital Scale

Beside noisy and spraying items, dogs don’t really like item that beeps. Digital scale usually beeps when the weight-in. The beeping sound attracts your dog. When it beeps for second time, your dog will be barking, that’s the sign of startling and terrifying. Try to familiarize it to your dog is the only way to train your dog to not being terrified of it.

9. Vacuum Cleaner

This household item is the most common item that terrifies your dog. The sound of the vacuum is annoying to your dog. When you are using this item, make sure your dog is not around. Otherwise, your dog will be terrified and you can’t do cleaning properly. Put your dog in other room when you are cleaning a room. Or you can put your dog outside for a moment you’re cleaning your rooms. Only make sure your dog will not run away when you put it outside.

If you want your dog to be fearless, this vacuum could be a good idea. Cleaning your rooms by vacuum right in front of your dog will train your dog to face the vacuum by chance. Do it many times until your dog stops barking to it. If your dog stops barking when you are cleaning by the vacuum, that’s a good sign. That will show your dog’s bravery level is increasing.

10. Smoke Detector

Smoke detector beeps and does watering if there is smoke or sign of burning. Your dog might probably not ready if it happens in your house.  And of course you can’t use smoke detector to train your dog to familiarize it. There are two solutions for your dog: First, try to not make any smoke in your house such as smoking or cooking. Second, if it must happen, it is your chance to recognize your dog how the smoke detector works.

Don’t panic when the detector reacts, as your dog would panic too by barking to it. Keep your dog inside and do what you have to do like removing the smoke or call the firefighters. Some dog breeds will try to protects itself instead of being terrifying and do nothing.