What Makes Turtle Habitat Divides Into Some Categories?

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So as for today’s we are going to talk about turtle. Turtle is reptilian animals that derived from Testudinata family. Testudinata family is quadrapedal reptile that have one distinct features and that is their hard and sturdy shell that function as their home for protection and shelters. Turtle is famous for its longevity, and some people also love for their unique features, and their baby turtle is also very cute too. One unique thing about turtle is their long lifetime since they could live for more than a hundred years. Some people love this long lifetime but some are not.

When we are talking about turtle, there are actually many kind of turtles, each with their own distinct features that differentiate them between one and another. Some turtle are cute to cuddle, but some might attack you. There are more than 350 species of turtles known today, divided into many categories such as land tortoise, freshwater turtle and sea turtle. There are also other turtle that doesn’t belong to any of these three categories such as terrapin, snapping turtle, and also giant land turtle such as in Galapagos. If you are curious and wondering why there are so many species of turtle, and why they categorize it into so many species, then we will explain about it later in this article. If you ever wonder What Makes Turtle Habitat Divides Into Some Categories? Then we have your answer right here.

So, why turtles are divided into so many categories and how to differentiate them?

So, turtle is divided into some category, but for the sake of simplicity of this article, we are going to divided them at least into three categories, land turtle which is mostly called as tortoise, freshwater turtle, and also sea turtle. These three categories are divided because of the differences in each turtle physiology and habitats. Each of these turtle has their own distinct characteristics and physiology that differs from one another. This physiology is the result of millennia of adaptation and evolution since their ancestor in Jurassic period. Each of these turtle is unique in some ways, and to differentiate between them you need to look at it closely in their characteristics, habitats and features. So, here we are today, let’s jump right into it shall we?

  • Land Turtle or Tortoise

Land turtle is a turtle that inhabit dry land. Land turtle inhabit wide range of habitat, stretching all around the world from arid desert of Australia, to Northern cold of Russia, and dense jungle of Americas. Land turtle also vary from size and shape, from gargantuan Galapagos turtle, to tiny Russian red tortoise, or more exotic dry land desert tortoise. Many people don’t know that some turtle could even inhabit dry land such as desert. Many people when hearing about turtle will think about scaly and shelled reptile that lives mostly on water or marshland. The truth is, there are also many land tortoises that can inhabit such arid desert. To adapt with dry desert, they mostly will hibernate to avoid getting to dry and stocking on fats and water to prevent dehydration. One thing you should know is that land turtle can’t swim! So if you found one tortoise don’t try to throw them to water assuming they are freshwater turtle, it might kill them.

One feature that distinguishes land turtle from many other turtle is they have rotund and big shell. Large scaly feet that used to carry their shells in land and most of the land turtle have quite a very long neck. Land tortoise just like any other turtle have very long lifetime that can extend for more than hundred years.

Land tortoise different from any other turtle mostly eat on plants. They are herbivore that mostly eat small plants, leafage, moss and some land tortoise also eat smaller insect too.

  • Freshwater Turtle

Freshwater turtle, just like it names inhabit body of water such as lake and river. They are mostly can be found in tropical climate like dense tropical jungle and swamp area. There are also many kinds of freshwater turtle with many differences and shape such as Terrapin, softshell turtle and infamous Alligator snapping turtle. With so many different species and kind, freshwater turtle can be found in many places and easier to get as a house pet too.

Freshwater turtle mostly are omnivores that eat on small plants, algae in the body of water, small fishes and insect. However, there are also other freshwater turtle that is carnivore and that is alligator snapping turtle. Alligator snapping turtle mostly eat on fish. They trap unaware fish by baiting them with wormlike tongue, when fish approaching its mouth, this turtle then will snap and bite it with full force, impaling it with sharp birdlike beaks. Alligator snapping turtle has one of the strongest bite forces in animal kingdom surpassing even crocodile and shark.

  • Sea Turtle

Then we have sea turtle. Just like its name, sea turtle inhabit ocean and they inhabit wide area of ocean in the world from Pacific, Atlantic, Indian sea and every other sea except for the cold Arctic ocean. One of the most unique features of sea turtle is their fin like feet that they use for swimming.

Sea turtle is omnivorous and their diet is various depending on its age and habitat. Young sea turtle will mostly on eat smaller fishes and have carnivorous diet, however when they reach adult size, sea turtle will mostly eat on sponges and also jellyfishes. Sea turtle could even eat hazardous material like poisonous snails, sponges and jellyfish thanks to their special digestive system that able to neutralize any hazard on their foods.

So, as the final verdict of our What Makes Turtle Habitat Divides Into Some Categories? article, you should know that there are many kinds of turtle, each with their own characteristics and differences. It is our responsibility to keep this animal alive and not extinct to make sure this diversity could last long.