What You Need To Prepare For Your Dog’s First Camping Trip

The dog is very special for family, he can be our guard and keep us from harm. So, this summer you have a plan to go camping with your family. But it is not fair if your lovely dog just stays at home, alone. Then, you decide to take him with you and prepare all things. Furthermore, what you need to prepare for your dog’s first camping trip? Just see below here.

1. Let’s train your dog

Before you take your dog to his first camping trip. It will be right if you train your dog first. Prepare these all things to train your dog. Build the camp, make a fire, and sleep like you are in camp. In here, train your dog to sleep in outside. Train him too how to make your dog listening to your command.

2. The sound of nature

While on the outside (still on training) use the sound of nature you can play your mp3/4 with natural sound. Let your dog hear it and just see how is your dog response. In here, you can make some condition too; while raining or while the wind blows hard or while on the night, you should train your dog what is properly to supposed to do. At the first, may it sounds make your dog fear. But, if you can train him properly your dog will know what he supposed to do. Remember, he is so genius. 

3. The protection

How about his protection? Put his collar on his neck, do not set too tight just as usual. Make sure the collar has his full identity (your dog full identity) and it is waterproof. Why the collar must waterproof? Because if the collar will get super dirty you can easily clean it. Besides, you can bring goggles. Put this to your dog, if you and he go to the desert or beach or maybe skiing. This will protect your dog’s eyes and he will look eye-catching too. 

4. Dog First Aid Kit

Take your first Aid Kit with his mine, dog first aid kit. We do not know it might our dog can be injured sometimes. So then, the fog first Aid kit is a thing that important item you should bring when you camping. So what are the dog first Aid Kit? They contain with some cotton balls, ice pack, disposable gloves, OTC, antibiotic ointment, towels, small flashlight, alcohol wipes, Styptic powder, tape role and more. Grab all that your dogs need in here. Bring his medicine too, if he has some diseases such as fever, cough or flu. Just grab it all and pack it in your bag. 

5. It’s time to eat

Well, you have to know the time, when your dog will eat or just give him a treat. Make sure you have the right schedule to feed him. Take a few his good quality food with you and some dog wet food. It will fulfill his nutrition. However, if you want to give him your food. Make sure he likes that food and it contains good health for him. The collapsible water bowl, this item is important too you should take it with you. It is super useful and perfect for any travel such as camping like this. Your dog needs much of fresh water too, right? 

6. Grab your tie out

Next, while at the outdoor you should set him up like this, put your tie up and place the tie to your dog. The other tie, tie it out on the tree then he cannot move anywhere. Make sure it is a strong enough tie. With this, you can do your other activities. Your dog will sit and guard. But it cannot hold any longer, just a moment. Besides, you can choose to use a dog camping crate or a dog camping pen. 

7. Watch out the temperature 

Now, the temperature. Is it hot or cold? You have prepared it all. When it is hot, you can bring what you are prepared when going to the beach, such as like; sunblock, feet covers, sunglasses, mosquito lotion, and else. While the weather is cold you can take more warm clothes for him. Get an extra if sleeping bag for him. If it is needed. You can bring any drink that can warm your body, like the drink with ginger or else. Jacket, you should always wear this in any weather, how about the dog? You can bring one for him too. It is to make his body warmer. 

8. Comfy nap spot 

Sometimes a dog will be tired unless this camp is the first time for him. So, take a rest give him some fresh water. Let him break awhile. If your journey is very far away, you can build your tent, tomorrow you can continue your journey again. Well, make a comfy nap spot for him. You can ask you’re a lovely dog, where is your favorite place? Some dogs will show to their owner that he wants to sleep in here. So, there is his comfy nap spot. Give him a sleeping bag and more clothes to make him warm. Let your dog sleep today, to fulfill his energy. He needs some rest too.

9. Do not forget poop bag

Okay, you are in nature now. So as the lover of nature, you have to know about the rule. You should aware with any kind of wastes, his poop. Wherever you go and you bring your dog. Do not forget to bring some poop bags. Whether you in the camping area, you should care about the environment too. So, to make the environment clean you should bring the poop’s bag, take it with you when you and your dog walking together, okay.

10. Playtime

Finally, it is time to have fun, play time. Are you have your frisbee or ball in your bag? Put the toys out and let’s play with your lovely dog. You can search any twigs to play throw and catch with your lovely dog. Make sure you play not far away from your tent. Bring someone with you that know well about the place if you want to take a walk little far from your tent. Okay, have nice camping then.

Hopefully, the above on what you need to prepare for your dog first camping to trip may useful for you who beginner. For more information about dogs, you can see it in some ways to stop your dog from running awayhow to treat yeast ear infections in dogshow to treat dog ear infection without a vetreasons why your dog refuses your command, and also natural ways to make your dog smells good all day.