Why You should not Spay or Neuter Your Dog Too Early


Hello there, fellow dog lovers! How are you and your dog doing? We hope you guys will always be healthy and be happy everyday and more. Hey, have you ever had the problem of you know, your dog (female dog) has turned into a breeding mom and your house was turned into a dog house? A big large dog house full with many puppies? Yup, we hope such things will not happen in your house. Considering, you only need maybe one to two dogs which is why having a dog’s breeding situation could put you into more trouble.

While humans have to understand why we must do contraception in order to prepare our child-raising funds properly and prevent any unwanted pregnancy; for dog it’s called spaying or neutering. Yup, both of us could not control the lust for intimacy and usually leads into unwanted pregnancy, and gratefully with contraception such things should not happen again; same goes with dog, with spaying or neutering you don’t need to worry anymore about your lovely female dog breed dozen of dogs each year right?.

Not all of us ready for a child, whether it’s a human child or even a puppy; because we all know that the intimacy was indeed satisfying but it come with a cost, the pregnancy requires so much attention to details and financial support. After the birth, we need to take care them properly with love, passion, enough mentality, and of course financial support. Well if you don’t prepare for it, then let us tell you something; most poverty happens because lack of the skills to train children properly and having unwanted pregnancy, in other words trouble. For an unwanted puppy of course it would be trouble for you later on, you probably has trouble to keep them well fed especially if you don’t have a large budget for dog, not only that you might have trouble to keep them in shape as you are probably busy at work, and mommy dog sometimes didn’t teach enough to her own puppies. Alas, the worse possibility is most of those poor puppies will die in agony or even grow in pain.

No wonder, there are lot of dog owners who decided to spay or neuter their dogs. Spaying and neutering are indeed could prevent unwanted pregnancy in a life-time, no worries about having dozens of puppies each year. Only you and your only dog there in your home, and you could focus on her fully without being distracted. Yup, you have a lot of going on and you could only handle one dog, so don’t push yourself by having puppies.

However, most of dog owners applied spaying or neutering too early. They usually neutered their dog in just 6 months of age. Most owners are afraid that their dog would breed and bring unwanted puppies, so to prevent that they decided to neuter their dog as soon as possible; this decision we afraid is awfully wrong. An early spaying or neutering could cost so many medical damages, which is why animallova would like to warn you and Why You should not Spay or Neuter Your Dog Too Early. So Check it out!.

1. Abnormal Bone Growth

For your information, neutering your dog too early could cause your dog to have an abnormal bone growth, as stated in a study by Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism:

“At puberty, estrogen promotes skeletal maturation and the gradual, progressive closure of the epiphyseal growth plate, possibly as a consequence of both estrogen-induced vascular and osteoblastic invasion and the termination of chondrogenesis…In addition, during puberty and into the third decade estrogen has an anabolic effect on the osteoblast and an apoptotic effect on the osteoclast, increasing bone mineral acquisition in axial and appendicular bone.” In other words, if you neuter your dog at such young age, you will prevent your dog puberty to it’s maximum; puberty has a great influence on maximizing your dog’s bone growth.

2. Hip Dysplasia

Not only the bone will not grow properly, an early neutered dog will suffer from a hip dysplasia. Once again, puberty of a dog needs to be maximized in order to prevent such anomaly.

3. Cranial Cruciate Ligament Injuries

This is awful, just simply awful. After the bone could not grow properly and now your dog must suffer from an injury called cranial cruciate ligament injuries. This injury would affect your dog movement. Then, your dog will become stiff and have rigid movement. She would lost all of her agility to play catch with you again, and forcing it would only make your dog to get hurt more.

4. Bone Cancer

Boom! This is the worse that your dog will suffer to, if you decided to neuter her early. A bone cancer, a disease who consumed all of your dog’s bone structure. It consumed your dog’s bone slowly and indeed will cause a great deal of pain. The cancer is just like a bomb that has been planted waiting to go boom. As the time ticking, your dog will suffer greatly; your dog might whine everyday expressing her pain, and she will lose interest to play with you. When the day comes, your dog just fall out of nowhere and if not treated properly your dog will be gone forever. We don’t want that, do we?.

Which is why, animallova do not recommend you to neuter or spay your dog at early age, wait for at least until her age turn into 1 years; you could safely neuter her in such age. If you are afraid that she might have or bring unwanted pregnancy, then you must make sure that you isolated your dog, you must make sure that your dog will be unable to meet another dog, especially her probable companion. Focus and don’t let your guard down, keep the curtain closed so she does not have any chance to do it; as if she already saw just one probable dog, she will try to do anything to meet her or the other dog would try to do so. Good luck!.

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