Why You Should Adopt a Dog from a Dog’s Shelter?


Hello there, fellow dog lovers! How are you and your dog doing? We hope you guys to be healthy and happy always, every day, and more. Last time we have talked about things to prepare before adopting a dog from dog’s shelter; which brings us to the big questions why we should adopt a dog from a dog’s shelter in the first place? Why? Especially for you who has the fortune and could simply buy your favourite dog breed from nearby pet shop. If you are curious then keep reading and may you understand the meaning and the purpose of adopting a dog from dog’s shelter.

How Dog’s Shelter Have Their Dogs?

Well, you guys might be wondering how these shelters have their own dog? Did they breed them like dog breeding farm does? Do they buy dogs from nearby pet store? Or they just simply take custody of some poor dogs on the street and give them some food and shelter? Obviously the last one is the how they obtained their dog.

A shelter usually consists of mass cage, large yard, and generous owner and staff; if they are not generous then why built a shelter in the first place? A generous person or community who love dog so much and they decided to build a shelter offering poor dogs nearby a shelter and food thus let those who want to adopt them to adopt. You are lucky if you have dog’s shelter built by dog lover community as where writer lives there’s no such thing; also, you can join them to and prove your worth as a dog lover thus be a saviour.

Usually, dog’s shelter obtained their dogs from nearby street dog. Remember, their operation is operated by the community. The members of the community will be taught how to tame a nearby street dog (exactly just like our stray dog taming experiment) then they will bring the dog home thus feeding them and sheltering them.

However, sometimes dog’s shelter is not about love and taming, sometimes they just want to make sure that the stray dog would not be feral and wandering around the neighbourhood thus disturbing people; as stray dog has greater chance to be infected with rabies. This shelter usually called animal control (usually exist in America and rarely exist in Indonesia or another developing country). This animal control is purposed to control stray dog population in the sake of people safety and their own safety. They usually obtained these poor street dogs by force like using leashes and special net. Then bringing the dogs to a animal control headquarter and in hope some generous person would adopt them someday.


Why We Should Adopt a Dog from a Dog’s Shelter?

There are reasons why you should adopt a dog from a dog’s shelter but mostly because it is humane and worthy if you consider yourself as a dog lover who want to become saviour. However, the reasons would be various and unique as they have their own purpose which serve different causes.

1. Economic Reason

2. Simpler than Taming

  • We have been giving you the motivation and tricks on how to tame a street dog before. Well, the experiment is indeed quite challenging and complicated, but we will always say the result would be nothing but a loyal companion and satisfaction.
  • However, sometimes we want to do the experiment, but we are too busy to do it. If you are having such problem then don’t worry as the purpose of taming a dog is to adopt them then by adopting one from nearby dog’s shelter also has the same purpose but with different method.

3. Moral Reason

  • Adopting a dog from a nearby dog’s shelter is exactly like adopting a child from nearby orphanage. Where orphans are waiting every day that one day probably one generous couple would like to adopt them. Same goes with dogs in shelter, they always waiting day by day and maybe some day some generous person would adopt them; living in a cage is not exactly living but living in a house with generous owner? That is living.
  • Also, there are cruel fact about dog’s shelter especially animal control. First you must understand that these folks does not exactly have all the space to contain all of those dogs; which means some of them need to go. If one dog has been too long in the shelter and no on interested on adopting her; there’s no way unless death to free up some space.
  • So, it is recommended for you especially you who want to become a true dog hero and saviour. Experimenting is indeed honourable but with some adopting from nearby dog’s shelter is indeed will make you as a proven dog hero and saviour; even you can become a dog activist later.

Well, that is all fellow dog lovers! The reasons quite varies is it not? With different reasons we hope you guys will understand why it is recommended for a dog lover to adopt a dog from dog’s shelter. It would be challenging but we always say that the result would be nothing but a loyal companion and satisfaction. Good luck!

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