Zika Virus Infected the Animals in South America: Will it Spread to Entire World?

There’s a lot of good, wondrous thing occurred on earth but at the same time, there’s a lot of bad, dangerous thing threatened the lives of every living things. Throughout the history, human race had been experienced deadly diseases caused by bacteria or viruses. One cured and one another come up. It’s like a circle that would never break up, and until now, there’s some of them that couldn’t be cure yet even with the help of our sophisticated technology. What type of disease? HIV and cancer and tumor.

Although yes, some tumors reviled unthreatened, but still it could grow up to be dangerous things without further supervision. The curse apparently not only experienced by human race, but also animals. If you aware, there’s so many diseases carried and spread in the first hand by animals. For the example is rabies. Moreover, these diseases has the ability to infect not only to another animals but also human. Another disease caused by virus that could infect both of human and non-human creatures are Ebola.

The most frustrating one is that there’s no prevention from viruses attack. Even the idea of vaccinate animals that potentially carry diseases such as mice’ vaccination, it still cannot prevent other viruses that keep evolve over the time. If the cause of illness occurred in animal was due the bacteria, the option of antibiotic suitable for the cure option. But, viruses? It need a lot of process and research to solve it – and yes, it’s so frustrating to see out pets was caught one of these deadly disease.

One of the example that had been trending is Tyzzer’s disease in hamsters. This disease are so malignant – it infected both of the animals and the owners. Although is not leads to death in human, this disease most of the time leads poor hamster meet their death. If you want to learn about virus in animals’ body, I suggest you to read this: facts and fake of viruses expansion in animals’ body.

Today, we would discuss about one of the deadly virus attacked that terrorist animals in South America called Zika virus. Are you curious? Stay with us in this article: Zika virus infected the animals in South America: will it spread to entire world?

Zika Virus

Zika virus is a virus carried by several kin of mosquitoes such as A. Albopictus and A. Aegypti and most of the time is spread in the daytime. This virus reviled has relation with West Nile viruses, the dengue, Japanese encephalithis, and yellow fever. The thing you might don’t know, that Zika virus has been shown up since the 1950s in a narrow equatorial belt from Africa to the Asia. From the year of 2007 to 2016, the virus was already spread to the eastward, throughout the Pacific Ocean to the land of Americas.

This distribution leads to a massive endemic of Zika virus between the years of 2015 to 2016. So, the answer of will it spread to entire world is yes – moreover, it was already traveled in wide range from Africa to Asia then to the America. Zika virus symptoms itself is often no more than mild symptoms that similar to dengue fever. Dr. Jonathan Gubbay, a medical microbiologist explained the progress of the infection: for a few days first, then it evolved to the muscle soreness, rash, then the symptoms is settled.

But, apparently, due the cases occurred in Brazil, he and his team noticed there’s an increment of microcephaly’ rate. The worst thing about this virus attack is that there’s no other option to prevent infection – even by vaccines and medications. There’s no specific treatments rather than to reduce the symptoms of it, for the example is paracetamol treatment. If the virus attack pregnant woman, this virus able to spread to the baby too.

However, for your information, until now, the only animal that had been reported infected by Zika virus is the primates such as monkeys, chimpanzees, gorillas, and others. The symptoms of infected primates is just the same as human: they exhibit mild symptoms such as mild symptoms and fever. From the limited studied that had been done, pregnant primates that infected with Zika leads to fetal brain defects.

This is the end of Zika virus infected the animals in South America: will it spread to entire world? We hope you enjoyed it, my dear friends.