4 Ways To Keep Ducks Stay Cool In Hot Summertime

No one of all life creature that can deal with hot, so does the duck. Even though in their wild life duck is living free and don’t need any house to keep them safe, basically they can’t deal with hot. Moreover, if you put them to rising it in the poultry industry.

As we know, duck is living in one team on every each cage which means that in summertime, you can imagine how hot it is inside and outside. So, to make it to become not worse, you need to reduce it well so the duck will feel better.

Actually, how to treat duck to stay cool in summertime is the opposite of how to treat duck in winter. But still there are some differences to reduce the hot in summertime.

Here are the ways to make duck keep cool in summertime.

  • Decrease the heater

Bulb lamp already familiar to used as heater in duck cage. Technically, this heater would install as long as duck needed so it would since baby duck until adult duck. When summer is coming, you better decrease it to help reduce the heat. If you use 10-12 bulb in the night, you can only use for 6-8. Actually, there is no standard to make them keep cold. You can know it by observe it while you playing this heater. As long as they can live well when you use minimum heater, they already hit the cold, right? If you already know their habit well you may don’t need to observe it yet. Just go ahead. But still, if you have new duck seed, it is not as easy like that to make decision.

  • Manage the air circulation

Playing with air circulation is the must thing to do to gain cold in summer. Technically in summer, it doesn’t mean that there is no wind at all. You can still feel the wind but it may hard to feel it. You should open all holes in the cage so the wind can freely enter the cage.

  • Pound or swimming time

This point is actually cheating. With using the duck habit then why we don’t use it as trick when the summer coming? Water in the lake or pound moreover in the morning which is still fresh and cold can use to reduce heat inside of the duck. Cold sensation would caught them when they are already put themselves into the water. You can manage pound or swimming time longer than ground time. You don’t need to worried about wet feather because the sun in the summer is pretty hot and it can dry the wet sooner. Besides reduce the circulation in the cage which is more focus in the outside of duck, we can use pound or swimming time as cheat to cold them inside. This sensation also reduces their stress so their mind is getting calm. Hopefully by this positive thing offers, your duck will able to survive during the summer.

  • Additional blower

If you think the sun is pretty killer in the day, you can add blower to increase the cold inside the cage. If you don’t have any budget to have blower, you can start it by basic thing like fan. Install some fans into the duck cage to reduce the heat inside the cage. Technically, watching from safety and practical side we recommended you to install fans than blower. Fan relatively needed small electric source than blower. Besides, you can hang the fan into the wall of the cage which is we know that the wall of the cage usually not strong enough to hanged the blower so the blower usually placed in the floor of the cage which is we know that it is really danger both for us as farmer and the duck. And, looked by the price, budget that you prepared before may enough to buy one blower but it can use to buy some fans. The blower’s sound also too noisy than fan so for you who had poultry industry that near with settle well it may make some problem. But, if we talk about the power, it surely goes to blower because one blower able to cold the whole of the cage. So, the choice is back to you. Which one that you choose is basically suitable with what’s your duck needed.

In some tropical country, using some tools to gain cool is normal thing to do. As we know that heat in summer usually can make the poultry animal died and can’t survive. Basically, all effort above used to reduce the hot in summertime not to avoid the summer. All we can do is to help the find the cool in the middle of summer, how the duck to respond and survive. As long as you can practice some tips above it already helps them even just little. Don’t forgot to list equipment that you need in budget list so you already prepare it well since you design the cage.