5 Most Popular Rabbit Breeds To Pet At Home

Do you like rabbit and perhaps consider to having this animal as a pet? Well, then you’re not the only one who thought about it. No one could resist them – they’re really lovable and easy to fall for.

This animal often adapted into iconic cartoons for children – perhaps not only children, even adults was the source of the biggest fan base for these animals. Rabbits also known as one of the most popular pets animals around the world.

If this is your first time to pet a rabbit, there are some tips of how to pet a rabbit in your house, the type of food you can pick, whether you prefer to choose hay or grass later to feed your rabbit, and how to breed your rabbits if you consider breeding them. All of the knowledge you should master to raise them in the best way as possible – and it’s not easy yet enjoyable thing to experience.

There are two ways to get a rabbit: first you could buy it on farms or stores (make sure you buy a healthy one), second is you could adopt a rabbit from vets or other shelters. The most important part is trust your heart. Many people feel immediate bond from the start with the rabbit – so does the rabbit. Pick the rabbit which you feel comfortable the most.

Also, there are many breeds of rabbit you could choose to pet – maybe as a beginner you don’t know anything about this – but, yes – there’s a lot of variety of breeds available. But among all of those breeds there are 5 most popular rabbit breeds to pet at home, these breeds came from all around the world. So, you may check the list of these breeds first before you decided to pick one.

1. Mini Rex

Mini Rex is a small size posture rabbit from domestic rabbit breed – nonetheless they are given with a wonderful posh coat and friendly characters, pull them up as one of the most popular rabbits on earth and was created in 1984, Florida. This breed become the most searching breed on United States ever since even though the first mutation of this animal was begin in the 19th century.

Monna Berryhill of Texas was the first one who find this breed – follow by ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) which recognize this breed in 1988. The adult Mini Rex would grow about 5-8 inch with weight amount 3.5 to 4.5 pounds – very fit for you who prefer small pet than the bigger one.

2. Holland Lop

ARBA recognize this breed for the first time in 1979 and been categorized as the smallest lop breeds. United Kingdom and United States hold the biggest fan base of this breed. Holland lop was created by a breeder name Adrian De Cock from Tilburg, Holland – who mated Netherland Dwarf with others lop and trough some process (a lot of trials) he gets the result that he wanted which is the smallest breed of rabbits.

An English breeder name George Scott bring this breed at the first time in United Kingdom in 1970, and three years later this breed entered the United States. Holland Lop has variety of fur’s colors such light orange, a mix of grey and purple, the dark brown, luminous brown, and the last is white. Also, this breeds has red eyes which is make them look very gorgeous.

3. Angora Rabbit

Yes, yes. This is one of the common – but – also the most popular breeds on many countries. Angora rabbit was the oldest types of domestic rabbit breed. Perhaps most people already recognize this breed as a long fiber of coat. Many people believed that Angora originated in Ankara (Turkey) an been brought to French in 1723. This breed also known as one of favorite pet animal of royalty family in the middle of 18th century.

In early 20th century, this breed entered United States for the first time. Angora rabbit also known as the most common farm rabbit in the world. People breed them, usually to get the fur which is has silky and soft textures – an adult Angora’s fur could reach until 3 cm per-month. This breed – until now – has 11 distinct breeds that you could found around the world: Giant Angora, French Angora, English Angora, German Angora, Japanese Angora, Russian Angora, Chinese Angora, St. Lucian Angora, Swiss Angora, and most famous from all of them, Satin Angora.

4. Mini Lop

Mini Lop was categorized as the small rabbit breeds which been recognized by ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association). This breed was found in 1972 by Bob Herschbach at German National Rabbit Show in Essen, German. A lot of people attracted with the size of this breed – which very fit almost in every environment of household. For their popularity in 1978, Herschbach and Dyke Co. created club for all Mini Lop’s fans.

Mini Lop known as a playful rabbit and very friendly among human. Also, you could try to train them to know some commands and tricks. But, you must note this, that this little creature could be mad if you don’t give them their food in time. How do you know that? Easy – they will stamp hind food to express their feeling and power. Watch out, people!

5. Harlequin Rabbit

Harlequin was originated from French and known with colorful rabbit’s breed. There are two types of Harlequin rabbit you should know: first is Japanese which is generally colors such orange either black, blue, black, chocolate, and lilac. The second is Magpie which generally colors such  white either black, chocolate, blue, and lilac. Harlequin fur was split into two colors make it looks like stripe between those two colors. Make this rabbit even more stunning and alluring.

Harlequin has the average range life period about 5 years or if you could have taken a good care – it’s even longer. The does of Harlequin rabbit could approach till 7 to 9.5 pounds – and for the buck approximately about 6.5 to 9 pounds. So, this is 5 most popular rabbit breeds to pet at home, have fun!