5 Disadvantages You Might Get When You Keep Parrot As Pet

Both advantage and disadvantage will you see when you pet something. Those positive and negative could face you at the same time which is totally normal. You can deny something you have to earn for positive without any negativity that automatically come of something.

There is no thing that totally perfect in this universe. The perfection belongs to God. We as His creature life can’t assume that we human are totally perfect by other life creature.

These disadvantages may really loss for you but not every lost means losing, right? There is lost that you still tolerance but there is lost that can’t be tolerance anymore.

Here are some disadvantages that you may face when you keep parrot as pet. All written below doesn’t mean to underestimate the parrot. It written to give you some considering before you decided to pet parrot at your home. Also, all written below can increase your knowledge over parrot when you put it as pet.

  • Long live span

As mentioned on fun fact of parrot, we already know that parrot has long live span which is may longer that ours. It can turn to disadvantage when long live span of parrot is longer than the owner. That’s can be prevent when your parrot adopted by other or someone of your family wants to treat them. Also, long live span can make you boring to pet the parrot the whole of your life. That’s not wrong but someone may can’t deal with this problem. You may can add another animal to be pet but it is not as easy like that. Parrot may feel uncomfortable because of another animal exist. Long live span also spends your money as a budget to treat them. Long live span also means that you have to feed them as long as their live. That’s will make a lot of outcome because they would live like forever and automatically spend your money to come out. So, how? Still want to pet a parrot?

  • Smartness

As we all know that parrot is smart animal which is capable to do anything. Basically, parrot can bring epic perform of smartness by trained before. Their smartness would be entertained you well by during something that another animal couldn’t do. But, did you know that their smartness can also being a boomerang? By their amazing intelligent, it is not impossible they can do anything in your home like another animal couldn’t do that? They may can open your fridge and let it open one day full, for example. You can prevent this problem by place them in to the cage. But still, they are smart. Didn’t you thing that they can open the lock cage and out free? Can you still deal with this? Or may you think that you can lock their leg in to the branch but didn’t you thing that they can cut off the branch let it to stick in the lock and however they are can still moving? In another words, you can keep them all.

  • Highly Interactive

Naturally, parrot can live well with human. They are also a friendly bird which is really do can interaction with human. People who get some interactions with them may feel so great because of their intelligent. It would be memorable thing that really cool. But, did you know that by this natural habit, the parrot can be highly interactive with you? You may feel so happy because of this, find out that your pet is really depend on you but if you let them did it like this, you will don’t have any quality time for yourself. You just spend your time with your parrot everyday without any care with people around you. Remember people, you are social who can live without help from anyone. Not only focus on your parrot but you must be aware that your life isn’t only for parrot but also for your passion. Be careful with this.

  • Vocal

Parrot do can copying and following people like they can actually talking. On one side you may really happy find out that you got one bird that can talking like human but you will realize that when you talk and the parrot talk and the same time, it would be so annoying. Beside talking, they are also can scream insanely. So, don’t you think that talking bird is a fancy thing, it would be a terrible thing at the same time.

  • Emotional

Since of their natural habit that makes them really friendly, it would make parrot really emotional. They love to interact with another people and they did it almost every time on their life. Actually, parrot isn’t suit well with you who has busy schedule and don’t have any time to interact with your pet. Parrot really friendly but they are emotional at the same time. Once you don’t interact with them, they can assume that you are betrayal and see you as an enemy. They would bite you as manifestation as defence act. By not interaction with them once, they can feel so insecure and they are also can feels so stressed. So that’s why many people can’t deal with their emotional side because they can feels insecure so easily by not any interaction.

Basically, first thing that you must thinking before pet anything in your home isn’t about how much advantage or disadvantage that you could have, but it should be ‘am I worth it to treat them well and make deal with those all disadvantages?’. Literally, all advantage will always follow by disadvantage. This is about how far you can tolerance with that.

Technically, disadvantage isn’t exist to make something to be hated. It is something to make it more balance and to prove that black and white is real and no one can’t deny it.