Popular Cockatoo Types You Can Keep As Pets

Beside finch and parrot, another bird that really popular to keeping as pet is cockatoo. People may hard to differences parrot and cockatoo because of their appearance but still, they are two different birds.

Basically, same as parrot there is some cockatoo which protected animal and some of them is can be keep at home. So, before you decide to pet a cockatoo, make sure that type that you keeping at home isn’t protected type.

Cockatoo is medium-large bird that usually you met in zoo. They have two strong legs which usually has black colour. In their head, they have crested which is different colour one and each other. This crested may had colour like yellow, red, grey, and etc. Same as parrot, cockatoo also has rounded and straight down beak which is sign that they are grain eater.

For more know about the type of cockatoo that you can keeping at home, here are some information about that.

  • Bare eyed cockatoo

This type of cockatoo is mostly we met in zoo. If you ever take a photo with cockatoo, here is the species which really mostly use to interaction with visitors. This type is like ‘general’ or ‘famous’ type of we hear about cockatoo. This species has white feather with black beak and black eyes, and also black legs. From heat to toe is white colour, and their crested has yellow colour. Talk about their personality, they are so sweet, playful, and intelligent. From all types of cockatoos, this species is smaller.

  • Black palm cockatoo

Well, this one is really unique. Their body is cover up by grey colour. Black palm cockatoo has bigger beak than another species cockatoo. They have orange eyes and black legs. The most unique is their crested which is really looks like mohawk hair style. Their crested is really long, unlike bare eyed cockatoo. This size is larger than bare eyes cockatoos. Their stare may really intimidate so maybe their personality not as friendly as bare eyed. For you who has mysterious personality but think that pet owl is too much, maybe pet this kind of cockatoo is really suggested.

  • Citron cockatoo

From far away, citron cockatoo is look like bare eyed cockatoo. But still, similar doesn’t mean that it is same. First! The citron’s crested tends to orange colour and secondly, their eyes is red. Even thought, they have same white colour feather. If you may curious with their personality, they are so lovely and love to interacted with people. Well, is it their personality depend of their colour feather? You must find it by yourself.

  • Goffin’s cockatoo

As appearance, goffin’s cockatoo is really pure. Their feather colour is white which is it is purely white. Their beak is small which is standard beak of cockatoo. As personality, well this species tends to sensitive. They really integrated to their owner and the owner have to keep in touch with them. Once the owner didn’t get interaction with them, they are will getting destructive. This kind o cockatoo is really recommended for you who have free time and significantly wants to interaction with them.

  • Major mitchell’s cockatoo

This species is really cool appearance. With long tail and white feather from head to toe and some highlight colour in the top of beak, makes them looks like had a nose. Uniquely, they have white beak and their legs is tend to grey. The only one which black in here is their eyes. Another amazing unique thing that God giving to this species is their crested. Their crested has four combination of colours which is orange, yellow, red, and white. The crested is pretty long which is so cute and being accent of their appearance. This species including in big parrot and so recommended for you who already being an expert with cockatoo pet business because this species needs extra treatment.

  • Moluccan cockatoo

This species is like brother of major Mitchell cockatoo. That’s because of some accent colours both of them is similar which dominated with white and orange. Their crested is thicker by another crested of cockatoo and still dominated with orange and white colours. The orange colour also highlighted their back. Their beak and legs are black and so does their eyes. This bird needs to close with their owner and that’s why this bird is so recommended only for people who has free time longer.

  • Slender billed cockatoo

This bird is actually native Australia and they are mainstream bird which really easily met there. Like another bird on this list, this bird has white feather with strip accent in their neck which is looks like they wear neckless.

  • Sulphur crested cockatoo

This is the last but not least. Sulphur crested cockatoo, as their name their crested is their main eye catching which is can pull you down and want to bring them at home. Their crested actually like sulphur bang, which is look like electrocuted. Their crested is pretty stand up and the colour is yellow. Their body feather is white and their beak and legs is black. They also have beautiful eyes which is looks like doll.

That’s all popular cockatoo types that you can keep as pet. Like another bird treatment, treat cockatoo is not far different. Like parrot, cockatoo is pretty smart but unfortunately, they can’t talk as fluent as parrot. Some kind of cockatoos has combination colour feather but it still limiting in two combinations. If parrot has beautiful combination colour feather, cockatoo has beautiful and attractively crested. There are so many shapes of crested and colour of it. Mostly of them has long tail and most of their feather dominated with white colour. So, have you want to try keeping them at home after read all the information above?