The Difference Between a Stray, Feral, and Shy (Probably Scared) Dogs


Hello there, fellow dog lovers! How are you and your dog doing? We hope you guys will always be healthy and happy every day and more. Hey, have you guys been doing our latest experiment on adopting a dog? Or at least have you guys taken some interest on the matter? Well, we hope you guys did, because we are going to give you some interesting information about the dogs that you are going to tame about.

Most people would say that these dogs simply a stray dog or a feral dog, but you know there are differences between them, just like the differences between ghosts, demon, and devil, there are also differences between stray dogs, feral dogs, and (also there are) shy dogs. Curious? Let’s check them out!


Why We Must Understand Their Differences?

Maybe some of you ask why we need to identify and differentiate them? Should we just simply do all the instructions and let the outcome determine the process? Well, unfortunately sometimes it is not always by the book folks, in life we must sometime create some initiative and be creative to overcome unexpected events that always come surprisingly thus barging into our life; same goes with stray dog taming experiment, it will not always has the outcome you expected, sometimes the dog might bite you, might claw you, or even she could never understand your honourable purpose thus she will always flee and will never eat your offering if you are on her sight. Which is why it is indeed important to know their differences, identify them, then execute the experiment and wait for the result to determine to process.

Not only to help us improvise in our experiment later, understanding the differences between them will help us later, especially after we have successfully brought her into our home. Bringing her home is indeed the first victory of successfully executed the experiment, but it was just one victory as there would be upcoming battle waiting for you and your recently adopted dog. If by any chance, you never understand what kind of stray dog that you brought home, you will indeed face a troublesome situation; as we know dogs have similar psychological structure as human does.

This psychological structure would help them understand hate, joy, and affection even better than any other animals; in other words, dog has stronger and sensitive feeling as human does, you hurt a dog she will scared of you and hate you thus it will be hard for her to forgive you especially if you never ask for an apology to her, you make a dog happy and she will be loyal and always be excited every time you around her and every time you come home.

So, if you don’t know what kind of hell she’s being through (you know that she is a sensitive animal) and one day you make her remember the horror she ever occurred before, then be prepared to have trouble and make it double as she probably get traumatized, or worse she will be traumatized of you; please read our article carefully.

  • Stray Dog

Stray Dogs usually just a stray dog. They will usually be wandering alone, and just simply looking for a food and shelter, stray dog will usually always try to evade any conflict between dogs and even they will try to flee away from any human who would try to approach you; however, if you come bearing a present she might try to approach you and will try to ask for the food nicely.

Stray dog usually naturally born on the street, so they have been on the street since the beginning of their life; they have no taste of fortune and will never know what is like to live in a house have a friend who will always take care of her; to make it simple is like teaching a Tarzan about how to live in a modern society. It would be difficult, but the process would be fun, and the result would be satisfying.

If you have identified a stray dog and will try to make her as your “experiment” then it is fortunate of you as the process would be easy as cake; there would be no need for improvisation.

  • Feral Dog

A feral dog is once just a simple stray dog, but as we have told you before once dog feel pain from someone especially human, the pain will not simply go away, and it is indeed difficult to let the time to persuade the dog to move on. Some human probably did hurt her regardless it was intentional or not; however, the result would still the same, she will become aggressive and will try to attack and bite anyone on sight.

Also, feral dog might have different origin than a simple stray dog. When a simple stray dog was mostly a street-born but, a feral dog sometimes just a former house dog who once taste the heaven, but some unfortunate event happened thus hardening her heart and assuring the hate to grow.

If you want to tame a feral dog, please make sure you keep your distance and you know it would probably a month or two in order to gain a feral dog’s trust. So, be patient and keep your distance.

  • Shy Dog

This one mostly just a scared simple stray dog but would also a dog who has been banished by her owner; whatever the reason was it was indeed unfortunate of her. This banishment would create a trauma to her; who would know once she had a life of a king, suddenly she was banished to the street (she didn’t expect that) thus she become traumatized and scared of every human (Human did hurt her feeling before)

If you want to tame this one, it would be quite difficult as she might will try to flee away from you, however, don’t worry, simply put your offering of peace on her sight and keep your distance from the offering; she will know with such distance there is no way you can hurt her. After that, she will try to approach the offering slowly and eat it (just repeat this until she recognizes you and her feeding schedule).

Well, that is all fellow dog lovers. We hope you guys enjoy it and good luck!

*Barks away