Finding Customers for Your Broilers Farm Business


How your broiler farm business doing?. Well we hope your business will always go on a nd give you a massive amount of profit everyday. Surely broilers business will never die as everybody love eating chicken meat and always want to eat it everyday. No wonder if your business give you so much profit right now.

Well if you have not yet starter the business, then you might want to experiment a little bit about it first and then you might want to try to open up a small farm first, lastly it’s the big time business gig waiting for you. But don’t get too excited. You have so much to learn.

Regardless have you done it or not, the broilers business will always be a trending among other livestock business. As you know chicken’s meat is considered cheaper than any other meat such as beef’s meat. Not only that, cooking chicken’s meat into variant of foods is incredibly easy and cheap such as roasted chicken, fried chicken, chicken geprek, chicken penyet, chicken in soup, chicken as burger fillet, and many more. No wonder it is such a land of opportunity to have a broilers farm.

However, despite all of those fact, being a farmer would be a tricky task to do as especially for you beginner, would find many obstacles ahead such as raising broilers, initial investment startup, farm management, disease prevention, growth control, but the hardest part above all is when you don’t find any customers to sell to. So no matter how good your broiler’s meat quality is , it won’t give you any profit if you don’t find any customers.

Which is why, on this post animallova would like to give you a little bit of tips on how to find customers for your broiler farm business. It might a little bit tricky but worth to try. So check it out !

  • Door to Door Marketing

Remember you are new in this business so it is recommended for you to put a promotion to get a larger scale of customers. Don’t get so generous thought, try to give promotion that will reduce your profit only which means that if your normal profit is 20 k rupiah per broiler then in promotion duration then you will cut your profit around 10k.

Now let’s get start to the marketing, the first marketing strategy to find your customer is a door to door marketing strategy. This is an ancient strategy of marketing that even still exist right now. This simple marketing strategy system demands you to find your own customers personally. Firstly, try to find a nearby chicken culinaries merchants. Then it is the time for you to convince them to buy your broilers, note this you might identify two type of chicken culinaries merchant:

  1. New
  2. Experienced

If you find an experienced merchant then it would be quite difficult to convince as they might already have a permanent supplier which it might very difficult indeed to shake their relationship, however it is still worth a try, once again you are new to this gig so give them your promotion offer to them, it might shake their relation and thus making you a new supplier.

If you find a new merchant around you that is seems like he/she recently open the shop then this is a golden opportunity for you to make them your first customers. We suggest you not to give him/her the promotion offer first, but instead try to give them a normal price first, if they are interested in your offer then it is your golden opportunity for you without risking to lose a profit in your business. If they are not interested then try to give them the offer as it might shake their decision and letting you become their number one supplier.

  • Social Media, a Free Place to Advertise

Welcome aboard to Industry Revolution 4.0!. Where everything is connected to internet including on how you will find customers for your broilers farm business. Lucky for you the internet is free to access (despite the package fee) and everybody has their own right to post anything they like on internet as long as it does not break any laws.

Surely you have social media right now, right?. Facebook, instagram, twitter, those kind of things surely you have that right?. Then try to use it as a free advertisement service for your broilers farm. Try to sell your broilers through a local social group. Example, in Karawang you might want to post your broilers not only on your feed but also on a groud called Forum FJB Karawang .

After the post you might got a few calls. Also you might want to be cautios on this as there might be a people that want to scam you out. So if you found any suspicion from your customer candidate then you better call off the deal.  You might want to google about avoiding scams on internet first though. However, overall promoting your farm in social media is a good option to find customers.

  • Connection

Connection is everything now, having a better connection would give you an easy life such as if you have connection about job vacancies then you might have greater chance to be accepted. The same goes with finding customers. If you have any family members or friends that might interested on buying your broilers then ask them first as they would delightfully accept you as their permanent supplier because of you are his/her family/friend.

  • Try to Sell Your Broilers Directly

If you are having trouble to find your customers. Then it is the time for you to sell your stocks directly. Be prepared to splash another cash on investment as you might need to build another trading booth for your stocks.

Firstly, you could sell it by establishing a fried chicken booth. You see the most saleble chicken cuisine is fried chicken as writer has observed it himself. Not only that fried chicken business is considered easy in terms of cooking and selling.

Secondly, you could sell it in raw condition through traditional supermarket. You don’t need to cook anything just bring them in raw and sell them. What you need to do is to simply prepare a selling booth.

Overall no matters how do you find your customers, you must remember to preserve your broiler stocks. So they don’t gets spoil. You could easily preserve them in refrigerator or give them some preserving agent such as salt.

Remember, be patient, be passionate, and good luck!.