9 Important Signs Before a Siberian Husky Gives Birth

If you have a pregnant Siberian husky, you must be want to take care of them the best way you can from the moment you know that there are puppies inside her belly. You want to help you pregnant husky by giving them your best support, especially during the labor. Siberian husky’s pregnancy usually last about 57-63 days in average, after that your husky will show some signs of labor. If this is your first time having a pregnant husky, you may want to look after these 9 important sign before a Siberian husky gives birth. For new owners of Siberian Husky, recommended to read this 5 Ways to Take Care a Pregnant Siberian Husky at Home, and also 5 Things to Know about Siberian Husky Before you Decide to Own It.

1. Physical Changes

When the time for your husky to give birth is approaching, you need to pay attention for any physical changes from your husky’s body. The first sign of physical change is that your husky’s mammary glands will enlarge and the hair around those are begin to shed. Then, your husky vulva is getting swollen and it change colour from clear to slightly cloudy.

2. Constant Lick at Vulva

The clear physical sign before a Siberian husky gives birth and their constant licking at their vulva. When this happen, it means that your Husky’s labor process is about to begin. After their lick the vulva, a great contraction will happen. You can know if they have a contraction if you touch their belly, it will feel a rock hard ready to bring the puppies out.

3. Loss of Appetite

During the due date, your husky might feel pain especially around their belly. This uncomfortable situation might occur to their anxiety behaviour, and looking breathless. Due the pain their bearing, it could lead to appetite lost. They will refuse to eat, even if they are it won’t be as much as they usually eat. Don’t got your husky to eat, because they might vomit. Just keep an eye for your husky, if they hasn’t eat for 48 hours straight and did not giving birth, you need to take them to your vet as soon as possible.

4. Harden Abdomen

Much more like human or any other mammals, when your husky is approaching their time to give birth the will have small contraction that could cause harden abdomen. It’s the most common sign you could see during your husky’s labor. This matter will occur periodically. The contraction usually will cause your husky a lot of pain, and they definitely going to howl a lot. And it will last for about 6-18 hours before they gives birth.

5. Consistent Panting

When your Siberian husky are about to give birth in this very moment, they usually do a lot panting. And also a really heave breathing, and they do it not just one time, but consistently through the whole process. They also will move restlessly, in order for them to release the pain. But remember, pregnant dog pant a lot. If they pant a few times, especially before their 55 days of pregnancy then they might just be ‘winded’. It is a normal thing since they heart is not working for themselves. If this thing happen,  just simply lay them down in comfortable are and stroke them gently.

6. Nesting Behaviour

Many breed including husky have some sort of need to build a nest before they give birth. This happens because of an instinctive reactions. Your husky might seek out a quiet and dark place as their nest to give birth. It’s the best if you prepare their nesting place for them to give birth, or people would call it whelping box. Usually the box is put with some clean towel and located in quiet and isolated place. You should introduce to her in her early stage of pregnancy in order for your husky to get familiar and comfortable. Once your husky found their nesting place, they usually spend their time in the nesting  place on and off through the day until the time they give birth.

7. Lack of Energy

Not like the usual Siberian husky behaviour, which is full of energy and loves to run everywhere and anywhere. But, when they are approaching to give birth, you will find your husky become very quiet and lack of energy. They will feel a great deal of fatigue in weeks or days before they give birth. Your husky will begin to sleep more frequently and less active. It is all because they are dealing with a lot of pain from the harden abdomen and the weight of carrying puppies inside them. They are going to lay around often, but they will become restless and agitated. They are laying down but still appear to be uncomfortable, moving and changing position constantly.

8. Change of temperatures

About two weeks before the due date, you should frequently check their body temperatures. When  your husky about to gives birth, they temperature tend to go down about 1-2 ° Celsius below their normal temperature, normally the temperature will stay low until the process of giving birth is finish. It is recommend to check their temperature twice a day on morning and evening, just to make sure  the exact time for them to give birth.

9. Mucous Coming Out

When plenty of slimy and disgusting fluid or mucous is coming out from your husky vaginal area, it’s the sign that your husky is ready to give birth at the moment. The mucous usually have function as a lubricant when your husky is giving birth, it will make their puppies coming out more easy. With the natural lubricant, their labor process will become more handy.

An important notes for Siberian husky’s owner. When your husky is showing some of the signs above, it does not mean that your husky will have their puppies today. Some dogs can be up to a few weeks or a week over due. And try not to worry, because giving birth are natural phenomenon a lot of dogs especially husky are delivering their puppies without any assistance.  But it is comforting for your dog if you are there and accompany them when they are on their labor. I hope these 9 important sign before a Siberian husky giving birth will help you prepare to help your husky during their labor time.