Are duck eggs better than chicken eggs? Here is the answer

Egg is a staple of poultry foods, very versatile, widely variable, delicious, easy to get, and very easy to cook it too. You can boil it, scramble it, poach it in vinegar, fry it, and many more. Egg is one of the most versatile foods that you can easily get, and there are many kinds of an egg to choose from. The most popular and very easy to obtain egg is, of course, chicken egg. Other than a chicken egg, duck egg is also quite popular among people. Which one is better, and which one you should eat then? Let us discuss it in our article here together shall we?

There are many kinds of egg, from usual common chicken eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs, and there are also other uncommon eggs like ostrich egg too. The most popular are chicken eggs and duck eggs. Both of them is very easy to get, cheap, and also highly nutritious. Some people prefer chicken eggs rather than duck eggs, but there are also people who love duck eggs more than a chicken egg. So, which one is the better eggs for us?

Both of chicken egg and duck egg have their own benefits and also different nutritional value. If we want to choose which one of them, and which of it is better for us, then we need to compare them side to side, fact to fact, and compare their nutritional value too. So, let’s start our discussion shall we. Which egg is better, chicken or duck? Are chicken is better since they’re cheaper or Are duck eggs better than chicken eggs? Here is the answer.

Let’s start by comparing both of chicken eggs and duck eggs

There is a myth that duck eggs are way better than chicken eggs, and this myth is supported by many duck eggs fans. It is true that duck eggs have many benefits that chicken eggs don’t have, but it doesn’t mean that duck eggs are all round better than chicken eggs. So, to separate myth and fact, we are here to discuss it by comparing both of them side by side.

So, we will discuss are the duck eggs are better than chicken eggs by comparing them side to side here. We are going to separate our discussion into three-phase comparison, first is comparing from economic viewpoints, nutritional viewpoint, and cooking viewpoint.

  • Duck eggs vs Chicken eggs from economic viewpoint

To compare duck eggs vs chicken eggs from economic point of view, we need to compare their price and their availability in the market. Duck eggs tend to be more expensive than chicken eggs, especially in the city. However, if you live in rural areas, and near duck farm, you can get cheaper duck eggs straight from duck farmer. This way, you can get cheaper duck eggs fresh from the farm. You can also buy it from your neighbor or friends who have duck flocks in their backyards. You need to prepare for money to pay, but it is cheaper than buying duck eggs from the supermarket. Comparing by the price, Chicken eggs tend to be cheaper than duck eggs.

As for the availability of duck eggs, it depends on where you live. If you live in rural areas, it is very easy to get duck eggs, but if you live in a city chicken egg is more available and easier to get rather than duck eggs.

  • Duck eggs vs Chicken eggs from a nutritional value viewpoint

From the nutritional value viewpoint, a duck has an advantage over chicken eggs. Duck eggs are richer than chicken eggs with a more fatty acid, albumen, Omega-3, protein, and people who are allergic to chicken egg can always switch to eating duck eggs for an alternative.

Duck eggs yolks contain more protein, omega-3 fatty acid, and duck eggs yolk is bigger than chicken eggs yolks. Duck eggs are a very good source of protein and fats, very good for the growth of young children.

Every egg contains cholesterol fats, however, duck eggs have more cholesterol fats than chicken eggs. Duck egg is rich with protein and fats but they also contain more cholesterols, so people who have cholesterol problems should avoid eating too much duck eggs.

Duck eggs also have more calories than chicken eggs, Duck has more than 130 mg calories, while chicken eggs only have 70 mg. Duck have 3 times more cholesterol than chicken eggs, duck eggs have 600 mg, while chicken only has 200 mg of cholesterol. Protein nutritional isn’t really much different, but duck still has richer protein than chicken eggs. From nutritional value, duck eggs are better than chicken eggs, but you need to be mindful about cholesterol levels.

  • Duck eggs vs Chicken eggs from cooking viewpoint

As from the culinary side, both of duck eggs and chicken eggs are very versatile ingredients. You can cook them any way you like, make an omelet, egg benedicts, poached eggs, and many more eggs based food. However, since duck has richer nutritional value, it also had a richer taste. Duck eggs omelets if cooked correctly can be very fluffy, more fluffy than chicken eggs omelets. If you want to cook duck eggs, make sure you cook it correctly and avoid overcooking since it can make your eggs rubbery and too chewy to eat. Duck eggs also stay fresh longer than chicken eggs, thanks to its thicker shells, so you can keep it longer in the refrigerator than chicken eggs.

So, after side by side comparison, we can conclude that both of duck eggs and chicken eggs have their own benefits, and each has its own advantages. Duck eggs have richer nutrition and richer taste, but they have higher cholesterol which isn’t suitable for an older person who has a cholesterol problem, but duck egg is very good for growing children. Chicken eggs don’t have rich nutrition compared to duck eggs, but they are very cheap and widely available everywhere.

Are duck eggs better than chicken eggs? Here is the answer to that question. Duck eggs have better nutrition and some people claim they have a richer taste, creamier, fluffier taste than chicken eggs. However, chicken eggs have lower fats, cholesterol levels, and easier to get with very wide availability nearly everywhere.