7 Endangered Animals in the Amazon Rainforest

Everybody must have known the Amazon Rainforest for having the highest level of biodiversity on earth. The Amazon Rainforest is home for hundreds of thousands of animals, including birds, mammals, and insects species. Unfortunately, the wildlife there is under attack and has been experiencing this attack for years. Who are the suspects? Humans are most […]

List of Wild Animals That Live In The Amazon Forest

When people are asked to visualise forest life, most would immediately associate the habitat with the wild beasts living inside. However, the reality is not always in line with that – because some forest do not have wild animals living around the premises. In fact, there are only just a handful of untouched forest that […]

5 Wild Animals that Only Lives in Amazon

Just like South Africa, Amazon was one of the most popular place and home for the variety of faunas and floras. The diversity of every single living creature united as one – created the absolute beauty that describe our wonderful, beloved planet – earth. This forest also caught all the attentions of adventurous people around […]