7 Ways on How to Keep Hamster Odorless

How to make hamster odorless? You might be one of this cute animal owner or you are just so in love with this animal. Yes, hamster is one of the cutest animals, with its thin whiskers which show its uniqueness. There are 7 Kinds of Cute and Unique Hamster in The World. Hamster is one of rodent animal, which spread on all over the world. You probably see it often, whether it is being sell or your neighbors pet. Its small size makes it easy to carry and it doesn’t need to be put on a huge cage.

Hamster itself is part of Cricetinea subfamily, which is divided more into 18 species which classified more into 6 to 7 genus. At glance it does looking similar as mouse, but honestly they both are different. Hamster has a fat body with short tail, besides mouse has quite a long tail. Its fur also as thick as Persian cat. Its fur color also depend on the species, whether its white, black or gray.

Hamster is an omnivore animal, it is definitely not a meat eater. They usually eat rice, fresh fruit, roots, green vegetables, invertebrate and other small animals, such as insects. Probably you can give your hamster a rabbit treats, because rabbit also not a meat eater or you can also read Enjoyable Hamsters Treats in Their Meal Time as a preference. Mostly rabbit eats green vegetables such as kale, etc. But it will be better if you just give your hamster a good amount of seeds.

Most people will hate its smell, and sometimes it does stinks and you as an owner will probably need to clean its cage regularly. Then, how to make hamster odorless?

How to Keep Hamster Odorless

  • Clean the Cage

The most important and main thing to have an odorless hamster is by routinely clean off is cage. Why? Because hamster spends most of its time on the cage whether it is playing with toys ( 10 Best Toys For Hamster To Play In Cage ), sleep or eat and it will definitely poo and pee around there. If it isn’t clean regularly then its litter will pile up and will produce a quite annoying scent. Here is on How To Clean Your Hamster Cage Easily.

So, can we have hamster without a cage, just like having chicken? It might be difficult but it doesn’t mean it is impossible. You can have a hamster without a cage if your yard is sealed and big enough. So, that your hamster can move around and throwing its feces freely directly to your yard. But if you don’t have a sealed yard, I’m afraid that your hamster might run away and gone. So, don’t forget to always clean its cage at least once a day. Yo

  • Shower your Hamster

The same thing as cat, you can also bathed your hamster, as long as it isn’t too long on the water, for it will make your hamster freezing. Bathed it with warm water (not hot water) and use a fabric to wipe its body. Don’t forget to soap it and rinse it will until all the soap perfectly gone.

  • Spray It with Perfume

If you have a cat at home, you will probably know the cat perfume that is usually sprayed to its body. You can also try using the cat’s perfume for your hamster to make it smells good. Do this once a day to your hamster to maintain its good smell and covered its stinks.

  • Put Freshener

If needed, you can attach an air freshener near the hamster cage to minimize the odor that is produced from the hamster cage. By that, you and your family can comfortably hanging near the hamster cage

  • Wash the Cage

If the first point is talking about cleaning its cage by changing the bedding and wipe off the cage. At this point cleaning means washing it thoroughly using soap and rinse it off until it is completely clean.

  • Sunbathe the Cage

Another thing that you can do to get rid of its odor or hamster smell is by take its cage to the direct sunlight. Because smell that is already sticks to the cage is pretty difficult to get rid of unless you put it to the direct sunlight for at least an hour. Then change the bedding with the fresh one.

  • Sunbathe your Hamster

Sunbathe here means that you need to take it to the direct morning sunlight, not on afternoon. More or less it is the same thing as bird treatment. Similar on how to take care of a bird which you need to sunbathe it in the morning, to get rid of its odor or smell. The right time is at 8 to 9 A.M. For the duration it is better for 15 minutes only no more or less.

Those are all on how to keep hamster cage odorless that you can try on your pet. So that you can be more comfortable hanging near your hamster cage for quite a long time. You can also read on How to Take Care of Roborovski Hamster?. Happy reading.