Do Your Pet Fish Remember You? A Study Say Yes!

Many people decided to pet animals to be their companion for life. Pets do  give us consolation in our bad days. They make us smile with their unpredictable behavior. Not only good for adulthood, apparently pet also bring some benefits for our children that growing up with pets. In the selection stage, people do have different taste of animal species. Some people choose some ‘safe’ animals, such as the loyal dogs, playful cats, the fussy parrot, etc. Moreover, there are also some people who would take a bold move – determine that the wild animal being a pet is a good idea.

Some researches said that your pet reflects your personality. So, no judgment at all for the taste of pets selections. However, people prone to pick pets that could at least recognize them (I say about people at large). These thoughts might affect some people and make them questions, is that a good idea to pick fish as pet? Do your pet fish remember you? A study say yes! This might surprise you, but the answer is yes. Surprisingly fish could recognize people face. This was absolute good news for the fish lovers.

All the things that you have done, decorated the aquarium with those piles of colorful stones, some plants and other beautiful accessories, feed them regularly, play with them – everything is not waste in vain. Your fish remembered and recognized you, my friends. Our topic today is about the fish and how could they recognize people face. Fish known as wonderful inhabitants of the underwater world. Created in different shapes and colorful bodies – the primarily reasons why this creature so popular. Some of us – I believe had heard some of those wonderful species, such Spanish Dancer fish, Threadfin Butterflyfish, Regal Angelfish, Banggai Cardinalfish, etc.

All those names was recorded as the most beautiful fish in the world. So, why not take this beautiful species as pet, and created your own underwater space inside your house? When everything that you’ve done to them is worth it? Do your pet fish remember you? A study say yes!

How Your Fish Recognize You

Who knows, while we enjoy ourselves watching to our beautiful pet fish that roaming the aquarium, in other perspective our fish does enjoy themselves observing our living rooms interior. Researchers reviled that fish owned ability to observe and detect object surrounds them. Therefore, after this study, perhaps you should take double look to what you would do to your pet fish. Apparently, your fish is indeed watched you, and everything surround them. They would watch you do some silly stuffs, dancing out of nowhere, singing with the false note, etc – what does our pet fish think about us?

We often underestimate fish capability because fish rarely given the credit about their smart moves or their good memories. The only thing we know is that our fish, only peering round the aquarium searching for some food. What they could do with those little brains of theirs? That is totally false perception. Researchers reviled that fish have enough IQ to understand some small details changes of objects inside their limited aquarium home. This study was reviled after the observation of captive blind Mexican Cave fish. That’s surprising fact, right?

Reviled that these creatures – fish apparently have the same similar ability like bats which could detect some obstacles that intercept their ways. Fish brains was highly functional. The would take some mental notes and print the map inside their memories of their surrounding to help them do their daily activities, so on in the future. They could easily adjust themselves with their new environmental and objects surrounds them, so no need to fears that you would bring confusion to your beloved pet fish.

Another research that used damsefish as the experimental material evaluated that damsefish capable to identified the same fellow individuals of the same species. The study reviled that an Ambon damsefish could recognize previous fish that they have just seen, and open up their brains memories that would present two options of damsefish. This capability was supported by the facial pattern of ultraviolet (UV) feature on the damsefish that make them capable of identifying another individuals. Unfortunately, this UV feature can’t be detected by human.

Reviled by the journal of Scientific Reports which done by some University of Oxford (United Kingdom) and University of Queensland (Australia) scientists, which break our conventional thinking – fish (used Archerfish as an studying object) could tell with a high accuracy to identifying faces of a dozens people as good as human. That’s was impressive result considering that human capable of identify another creature because we’re gifted with the large, complex, and highly intelligent brains. During the study, from forty-four new faces, the fish are able to choose the familiar faces that they have seen previously within successful degrees about eighty-one percents.

These days, there is a statement that said being as smart as fish is a very good compliment. Furthermore, before all these researches held, majority of people given credit only for mammals that have the ability of recognizing their owners, but now the table has turned. Furthermore, that’s not the end of discovery that have been reviled. Turn out that fish also capable to sense the time. This study is clearly proved  within our daily feed time routine. Your fish would swim to the top of the tank every time they see you getting closer with a bag of food in your hand.

This point proved that fish also know the essential of social relationship between species. The fact that they could recognize another species outside their own species was in another level of order skill. Their conscious understanding about environmental, objects, even their human who feed them every single day should be the things that inspire you to treat this animal better than before. As their owner, perhaps you should spent more time with them, to build a deeper relationship – let them know and memorize your face.